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Get the Look of a Major Remodel Without the High Cost

Get the Look of a Major Remodel Without the High Cost

Get the Look of a Major Remodel Without the High Cost


While big remodels can improve both the form and function of your home and make it feel new again, anyone who's experienced a major remodel can tell you that it's both expensive and inconvenient.  Fortunately, a few small changes here and there can make your space feel just as rejuvenated as if it had been remodeled- without the price tag.  Here are a few tips on how to use lighting to get the look of a major structural change.

Create a Bigger Space

If you have a room that feels just a bit too cozy for comfort, before you start tearing down walls to expand, try using lighting to create the illusion of a larger space.  The most important advice we can give you is to have more than one light source in the room, to illuminate every corner.  Dark, unlit corners only make a space look smaller, but wall lights can help make brighten up awkward corners and help make a wall feel wider.  If you have high ceilings, pendant lights can call attention to the height of a room, creating the illusion of more space.  

Bring in Natural Light

The bright, white light cast by the sun is the best light to see color clearly.  This makes it a must-have for bathrooms and kitchen.  You could remodel your walls to install a window, or you could install halogen bulbs- the closest man-made approximation of natural light.  Wall-mounted lights above your bathroom mirror will give you the best lighting for applying makeup, and a ceiling-mounted light fixture above your kitchen counter will make it easier to see what you're doing in the kitchen.

Change the Atmosphere

If you're looking to change the aesthetic of your room, before you commit to the hassle of painting or the expense of new furniture, consider changing your lighting instead.  Light can alter the appearance of everything it touches, making every corner of your room feel new.  A rustic, dimmable fixture will create a more cozy, intimate atmosphere, while brighter halogen lights will make your space feel more vibrant.  An exciting statement piece can rejuvenate your decor, for a fresh, modern look.

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