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The Elegant Style of the Chicago Greystone

The Elegant Style of the Chicago Greystone

Modern Meets Classic: The Elegant Style of the Chicago Greystone

While New York City may be known for its brownstone homes, Chicago has its own iconic home style: the greystone. Greystones began surfacing in neighborhoods around Chicago starting in the 1890s. Unlike brownstones which were usually constructed in rows, greystone houses are usually stand-alone homes that often feature a partially sunken first floor. Another distinguishing feature of the greystones is a protruding window space, either squared or rounded, and roughly cut stone blocks creating a natural-looking facade.

The Classic Exterior

Most greystones are left true to their original exterior and are often surrounded by tall black fencing. As such doors and window frames are often painted black and paired with black lighting fixtures. A black pendant from our Colonial outdoor collection would work nicely in a porch area, and a Tudor style outdoor wall light would fit nicely above any entryway.

The Classic Interior

Many greystones are maintained with original wood floors and room construction throughout. Most greystones include a large parlor space looking out through the protruding windows. Parlors are a great place to utilize the stunning look of a grand chandelier like our French Country chandelier or an elegant crystal chandelier from our Lyon collection. Pair that with some vintage style furniture and you will have a home close to its original roots.

Adding a Modern Twist

Many greystone owners choose to upgrade their interior spaces, opting for open floor plans between the living room and dining room for a more modern look and feel. An urban industrial chandelier is a great match-up for this open-concept style. In the modern style, every single room is important and no room is left without its own unique touches. Our crystal globe vanity lights would be a great addition to any modern bathroom, while some track lighting would be fit nicely and really light up a kitchen or bedroom space.

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