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Coastal Design Elements

Coastal Design Elements

Get the Exterior Style of Coastal Homes


From cozy bungalows to sprawling seaside mansions, there is something about that beachy vibe that many of us would love to have at our homes. The style of coastal home exteriors is something you can emulate in any city, whether waterfront or landlocked. With just a few key features you can bring your outdoor spaces right to the beach.

Natural Materials

For that classic beach bungalow feel, natural materials are the way to go. Wood shingles and shutters are often a staple of coastal home exteriors, neatly surrounded by a quaint picket fence. You can line the perimeter of your fence or years with some lantern style posts for a gorgeous nighttime look, and if your home has a porch or patio space, a pendant from our Coastal collection would make a nice addition as well.

Vibrant Colors

Part of the charm of many beach-side towns is the variety of color exteriors coastal homes use. Pastels are a natural choice, echoing the tones of the ocean at twilight, but more bold colors, such as rust reds and vibrant blues can also be used to great effect. Lighting fixtures with a black finish, like our Lisbon collection, will match well with any color. For a lighter touch, opt for a steel finish like those found in our Coastal Outdoor collection.

Go Nautical

A bold nautical style combines the best of both worlds with natural wood painted in distressed colors, with a bit of kitsch added in the form of nautical-themed decor. Round windows and lights are a good addition to this style to add to the feeling of a boat out at sea. Our round nautical outdoor ceiling light or Tuscan outdoor wall light with a decorative copper disk would be a great match to any nautical style.


Coastal or industrial, farmhouse or art deco, whatever your dream home looks like, indoors or out, Urban Ambiance can help you find the light fixtures to suit your style. Contact us today to find out more.

Statement Lighting in the Bedroom

Statement Lighting in the Bedroom

Add Flair to Your Bedroom with Statement Lighting

Most bedrooms feature traditional flush mounts — a fine choice, but not always a creative choice.

Statement lighting is often reserved for a house's more public areas, but that doesn't mean it can't live in the bedroom as well! There are a number of interesting ways to incorporate statement lighting into a bedroom.

Opt for an Industrial Chandelier

Industrial chandeliers start fantastic conversations. Unlike traditional chandeliers, industrial chandeliers have visible bulbs and weathered, antique flair. Often, they feature industrial piping and harsh, artistic angles. These statement pieces don't need dangling crystals to make an impression. Rather, their simplicity makes them beautiful.

A statement piece like an industrial chandelier may not be the most obvious choice for the bedroom — but that's part of what makes it so special.

Pendant Lights Above the Nightstand

Lamps are a dime a dozen. Wall mounted lights are tried and true. But have you ever considered lighting your bedside tables from above?

Unlike table lamps or wall mounted lights, pendant lights hang from the ceiling. Usually, pendant lights hang above kitchen counters or game tables — but that doesn't mean they can't add artistic flair to your bedroom as well.

Track Lighting — a Piece of the Stage for Your Home

These ceiling mounted lights aren't your typical bedroom fare. Out in the professional world, track lighting helps directors illuminate their stages. However, it can also be used to illuminate your home.

Track lighting has a modern, unique appeal. The lights can be manipulated to suit your whims. Also, track lighting sits flush or semi-flush to the ceiling, so low ceilings aren't a concern. For maximum creative freedom, opt for a customizable track lighting kit!

Are you interested in lighting your home with style? Urban Ambiance can help! We offer unique, high-end lights for every part of your home. Contact us today!

Urban Light Fixtures

At Urban Ambiance, we’re driven to bring you innovative and high-quality fixtures without a lofty price tag—all while giving back to our community. We seek to bring you relevant and designer-savvy urban light fixtures that will become a proud point of conversation in your home. We’re always looking for new and trendy fixtures to expand our collections. Our urban lighting collection has everything from vintage to nautical to industrial-inspired fixtures—although our line of town and country-style lighting continues to be a favorite. With our expansive line of urban light fixtures, you can cohesively refurbish all the rooms in and outside your home with luxury light fixtures that fit your style.