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A Statement Piece in Every Room: Lighting that Adds Design Value to your Home

A Statement Piece in Every Room: Lighting that Adds Design Value to your Home

If you are planning new light fixtures, no doubt you've already seen the surge of popularity in 2022 of both sculptural lights and statement light fixtures in every room of the home. Whether you're renovating your kitchen, outdoor patio, or upstairs playroom, there is a perfect statement light fixture for the space.

Here at Urban Ambiance, we make it possible to find light fixtures for every room and design. Today, we're exploring ten beautiful ways to use light fixtures as statement pieces in every room of the house.

8 Creative Ways to Light Your Outdoor Living Design

8 Creative Ways to Light Your Outdoor Living Design

Outdoor living is a luxury of modern technology. The sealed, beautiful kitchen appliances and hidden electric lines make it possible to create a truly immersive outdoor living design. Popular renovations include outdoor kitchens, dining spaces, napping lounges, and even entertainment dens. But the key to fully enjoying your outdoor living is lighting design that enhances your space in the evening.

When most people think of outdoor lighting, the first thought is a door-side wall sconce. While this is a classic design that makes finding the backdoor easy, there are many more innovative and artful ways to light your deck and outdoor living spaces than a simple sconce.

In this blog, we're spotlighting eight immersive ways to light your outdoor living design.



Urban Lighting

At Urban Ambiance, we’re driven to bring you innovative and high-quality designer light fixtures without a lofty price tag—all while giving back to our community. We seek to bring you relevant and designer-savvy urban lighting that will become a proud point of conversation in your home. We’re always looking for new and trendy fixtures to expand our collections. Our urban lighting collections have everything from vintage to nautical to industrial-inspired fixtures—although our line of town and country-style lighting continues to be a favorite. With our expansive line of urban lighting, you can cohesively refurbish all the rooms in and outside your home with luxury light fixtures that fit your style.