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Farmhouse Chic: The Elegant Evolution

Farmhouse Chic: The Elegant Evolution

Discover the charm of modern farmhouse style, where rustic nostalgia meets contemporary elegance. This case study explores how this design trend blends traditional elements like...
How Warmer-Toned Woods Are Redefining Modern Interiors

How Warmer-Toned Woods Are Redefining Modern Interiors

The resurgence of these hues is not just a passing trend but a return to classic materials that celebrate natural beauty and sustainability. In this case study...


Urban Lighting

At Urban Ambiance, we’re driven to bring you innovative and high-quality designer light fixtures without a lofty price tag—all while giving back to our community. We seek to bring you relevant and designer-savvy urban lighting that will become a proud point of conversation in your home. We’re always looking for new and trendy fixtures to expand our collections. Our urban lighting collections have everything from vintage to nautical to industrial-inspired fixtures—although our line of town and country-style lighting continues to be a favorite. With our expansive line of urban lighting, you can cohesively refurbish all the rooms in and outside your home with luxury light fixtures that fit your style.