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Trending Style: California Casual

Trending Style: California Casual

Suppose you're a homeowner who relishes a minimalistic home interior design characterized by wide plank boards, wood tones, leather accents, and oodles of white and tactile textures. In that case, you might already be California Casual-obsessed. "Light," "white," and "airy" are some of the buzzwords you'll hear popping up in conversations referring to this fabulous interior design style. 

Ready to redefine and refine your interior décor by creating a warm, minimalistic, inviting, modern space? California Casual décor style might just be the design approach that incorporates all the elements that transform your home into the paradise you dream of. This article provides valuable insights into the California Casual style, how it differs from California modern, and how to achieve the California Casual minimalist look.

Spring Cleaning Checklist for a Spotless and Invigorating Home

Spring Cleaning Checklist for a Spotless and Invigorating Home

Spring cleaning is an essential annual ritual that refreshes your home and brings a sense of renewal to your daily life. It helps destress, fend off depression, reduce home hazards, and create a peaceful and refreshing environment. It’s the perfect time to experience these benefits and express gratitude for your home, and these spring cleaning tips should help you create a fresh start


Urban Lighting

At Urban Ambiance, we’re driven to bring you innovative and high-quality designer light fixtures without a lofty price tag—all while giving back to our community. We seek to bring you relevant and designer-savvy urban lighting that will become a proud point of conversation in your home. We’re always looking for new and trendy fixtures to expand our collections. Our urban lighting collections have everything from vintage to nautical to industrial-inspired fixtures—although our line of town and country-style lighting continues to be a favorite. With our expansive line of urban lighting, you can cohesively refurbish all the rooms in and outside your home with luxury light fixtures that fit your style.