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Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends

Lighting Trends That Will Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Kitchen lighting is critical not only for functionality, but also aesthetics and ambiance. There are lights that are meant to accentuate specific areas, focus on specific tasks, create ambiance, or wash an entire wall. Whether you are designing or renovating your kitchen, lighting should be a key consideration.

Lights can be decorative or functional, emitting well-diffused general lighting. Current lighting trends revolve low voltage lighting, recessed lights, and industrial styles with a metal finish.

What are the Current Kitchen Lighting Trends?      

1. Recessed Kitchen Lights 

What's a luxury kitchen without great lighting to accentuate it. You can have your kitchen illuminated by recessed lights along the perimeter and hanging pendant lights over the island.

2. Spotlights on Exposed Kitchen Beams

If you prefer a more rustic look, we bet you'd love having spotlights installed on your kitchen roof beams. You can have some focused on your kitchen island for that extra lighting.

3. Hanging Edison Bulbs

For that vintage touch, you can have hanging Edison bulbs installed above your kitchen island. To craft a more sophisticated focal point, you can have them wrapped around a brass rod. One great thing about Edison bulbs is that they don't interfere with your field of vision.

4. Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

These lights not only add functionality but also provide ambiance. You can have a professional install strips of light under your cabinets for that special effect and to illuminate your worktop better.

5. Bright Under the Cabinet Lighting

If you want your kitchen to have that futuristic vibe, you can have neon or LED lights installed on your worktop and under your cabinets. These lights are great for accentuating glass and acrylic splash backs.

6. Lighting in Cabinets

You can also install lights inside your cabinets.  They look spectacular in glass cabinets and help keeping them organized. For a more high-tech effect you can have sensors installed that turn the lights on when you open the cabinets.

Find more tips on how to spruce up your kitchen with lighting here.

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