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Urban Ambiance: Our Story

Years ago, our founders recognized that there was a profound gap in the lighting industry. Too many lighting manufacturers and retailers were stuck in the dark ages, following the same design influences, manufacturing techniques and antediluvian supply chain protections established in the mid 20th century. The effect of this stagnation was uninspiring products, inflated prices and a lack of social consciousness.  Seeing an opportunity, combined with a desire to change entrenched tradition, Urban Ambiance's credo was born:

Create a lighting brand today's consumers can identify with;

Build a catalog of quality products that are design savvy;

Disrupt the current supply chain model;

Give back to the communities we serve.

But we can't do this without your help. As a company, we're focusing our time and resources on diligent product sourcing, best-in-class product content for a superb customer/shopping experience, and giving back a portion of all sales to our community. If after reading this, you feel we are company you can identify with, please share our story with your friends. The quicker we can propagate our vision, the sooner we can change the lighting industry for the better.