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Look How Luxurious Bathroom Design Will Be This Year

Look How Luxurious Bathroom Design Will Be This Year

Look How Luxurious Bathroom Design Will Be This Year


Several bathroom design trends are coming in 2020. Using striking design components seems to be a common theme. Let's talk about some of the top trends to watch out for this year!  


Accent walls are a simple, cost-effective way to liven up a dull bathroom. If the current color palette in your bathroom is neutral, choose one wall to display a daring contrast. Choose a dark paint shade such as black, or use an intricate tile pattern.

Also, use accent walls to show off gorgeous fittings and fixtures as focal features. Placing an accent wall behind a vanity in a deep, jewel-tone hue is the perfect canvas to add an ornate light fixture or two, as a focal point. Or, pick the wall at the head of a standalone tub to showcase wall art or the tub's impressive plumbing.

Are you still having trouble deciding on which wall to choose? A safe rule is to select the wall in a direct line of sight with the bathroom door. A final bonus of adding an accent wall to your bathroom is that it can help guard against moisture damage. 


Replacing a built-in vanity with a freestanding one is an excellent, budget-friendly way to inject your personality into your bathroom design. The use of black sink fixtures is trending this year. 

Do you want your bathroom design to be as stylish as possible? Choose a vanity with crisp, clean lines in its form, and in contrasting coatings.  Good examples include white paint and dark wood finish or a luxurious, striking paint shade option like dramatic black or navy blue. 

Fix an oval-shaped or round-shaped mirror over the vanity and choose a set of lights for the wall. A circular mirror will look best hung over a single freestanding vanity. Do you only want one mirror but have a double vanity? Hang a large, oval-shaped mirror.

You have an assortment of possibilities in lighting options for the vanity wall. This year, you'll want to select lights that have a minimalist form and appear in finishes like black or brass.

Putting an accent wall behind the vanity area of your bathroom helps your personality in the design shine through. An additional bonus of choosing to add a freestanding vanity to your bathroom is that it will usually feature built-in storage areas, like traditional vanities, but at a much lower price.



The last few years have shown that homes are steadily increasing in size, which is causing the square footage of bathrooms to be swelling. Many homeowners are choosing to expand their bathrooms and split their showers and tubs. Not only are they splitting the two up, but they are also splurging on luxury!

Walk-in showers are a significant trend in bathroom design this year. Choosing this option allows for the perfect opportunity to display some beautiful black plumbing fixtures. Using travertine or limestone in seamless tiles for your walk-in shower and a minimalist drain will keep your design looking luxurious.

Standalone, soaker tubs are adding a whole other element of spa-like relaxation to bathrooms in 2020. Bathtubs are increasingly are coming in exotic and daring looks. Some examples of this include tubs made of wood and bathtubs made of Zebrino marble, which adds an extra visual element to the room.

If specialty materials aren't in your budget, look for tubs that come in bold colors, such as matte black. Finally, add a chandelier in the center of the bathroom. Hanging a light that features a dark bronze finish and leaf sculptural elements, adds a touch of nature. It will also create a more relaxed ambiance in the room.

If you need help with your bathroom design or have any design questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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