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Improving the curb appeal of your home

Improving the curb appeal of your home

Improve These 3 Areas of Your Curb Appeal

The front of your home is what people will see first when visiting or viewing your home. For homeowners, who like to give a welcoming impression of their home, this can be a crucial area to create the feeling they want to convey. It is also a significant area in selling your home, as it is what gives people their first impressions of the condition of the house. Improving your home's curb appeal can be easy to achieve and budget-friendly. Follow these simple design suggestions to give your home's curb appeal a face lift.


Your front door is one of the first things seen when viewing the exterior of a home. Updating your front door with a new color is one way to improve your curb appeal. Dark, vibrant colors are currently trending in design. Choosing a unique color for your front door can make a statement. If you're not looking to attract that much attention, you can also update your entry to better compliment the architectural style of your home.

For a home with a traditional architectural style and white exterior, try a fire engine red door. If you have a whitewashed farmhouse, opt for a dark, walnut-stained wood door. Own a bright cottage-style home? Continue the playful feel with a bright yellow door. Homeowners preferring a Coastal vibe, try a pale blue door.


Another essential element of impressive curb appeal is your exterior lighting, which provides form, function, and added safety to the exterior of your home. Exterior lighting is a fun, versatile way to inject some personality into the curb appeal of your home.

For instance, add a coach-style sconce in a burnished-metal finish to a Federal-style home or a Cottage-style home for a more whimsical feel. This style of lighting is complementary to both architectural styles. Create additional interest by adding a variety of sconces and overhead lighting to your front porch.

Installing dimensional lighting will lend a contemporary feel to your exterior. Another option is to hang a sleek patio lantern featuring a glass shade to create a vintage feel. Additionally, using a lighting fixture with a blend of wood and metal finishes can offer a rustic or vineyard feel.


Adding touches of nature to the front of your home is an incredibly easy way to improve your home's curb appeal. For a traditional feel, add a variety of ferns in planters made of natural materials, in varying heights. For a more playful feel, add planters in bright, bold colors or patterns. Fill them with happy, colorful flowers like Tulips, Black-Eyed Susan, and Gerbera Daisies.

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