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Things to Consider When Choosing An Indoor Wall Light

Things to Consider When Choosing An Indoor Wall Light

Wall lights might be the last thing you think of when picking out light fixtures, but it shouldn't be. The addition of a wall light can elevate any room in your home. However, with so many out there, it can be hard to decide which one is the one for your space. Below are a few things that you should consider before choosing your perfect wall light. 

Your Furniture and Decor 

Do you want your wall light to match your decor, or do you want it to stand out? Do you have a lot of furniture in the room, or is it simply furnished? 

A simpler wall light is the way to go if you only want something that will accent your furniture. Simpler lights will make sure that your furniture isn't robbed of attention. If you want something that will hold its own, an elegant and bold light is perfect. The boldness of the light will make it noticeable, while the elegance makes sure it cohesively blends with your furniture. 

The Vibe of Your Room

Do you want to turn your simple room into more of a sleek showpiece? If so, a long light with a shiny finish and architectural design should do the trick. Think of it as jewelry for your wall. 

For rustic rooms, try something a little more traditional. Something slightly industrial and homey that will relax you as soon as you step foot in your space. 

Maybe you have multiple vibes going on in your space. It's what's mentioned above, plus more. It's rustic, simple, bold, elegant, and sleek among others.

What your room needs is a bit of harmony. Go for a wall light that has elements of all those things. This way, every element is addressed and every piece is included in the feel of your room. 


Where in the house will you place your lights? Generally, lights with more of a presence should be in living spaces. Spaces like your living room, kitchen, den, or basement entertainment areas. 

As for rooms like your bathrooms or bedrooms, go for a more polished simple wall light. These rooms should have more of a calming effect and a simple light will achieve that. 

These three things are key to determining what kind of light will fit your space. Whether it be loud, quiet, sleek, elegant, or everything in one. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us. We'll answer all your questions about our store and our products. 

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