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The Appeal of Mid-Century Modern Decor

The Appeal of Mid-Century Modern Decor

Here at Urban Ambiance, we love the mid-century modern aesthetic. Simple yet interesting, utilizing space in delightful and functional ways, innovative with a sense of timelessness. Really, what's not to love? It's a joy for us to share a few of the options we have to bring your mid-century project to light.

The Mid-Century Modern Chandelier

The chandelier is an immediate point of interest in any home, so it's worth choosing carefully. How does it make you feel? How might it enhance the character of discussion around a dining table? The mid-century modern chandelier can be a piece of art unto itself. It can receive and distribute visual energy for a clean, refreshed frame of mind.

If you prefer a more contemporary style, take a look at our Amiens collection - we love this chandelier's curves and air space. Its intelligent design is complemented by its openness, which sets a relaxing, yet engaged atmosphere above any conversation. Also, take a peek at the Baltimore chandelier. This inspired piece is a constellation of utility, delight, and invention, sure to pique interest without capturing your space. We love how mid-century modern design can be both eye-catching and understated.

Charming Single-Bulb Options

Above all, mid-century modern design emphasizes visual interest with functionality, marrying spaciousness and strength. The mid-century aesthetic is wonderful for its thoughtful simplicity throughout the house. You're going to need simple lighting over sinks and desks, and we have several options for you - like this single-bulb pendant, a substantial, attractive piece. This bath fixture will compliment any mid-century design nicely, with a clear air backdrop accentuating its distinguished brushed nickel.

The mid-century modern tradition is known for its elegant integration with the natural environment, often resulting in architectural channels for both air and natural light. But it by no means excludes a more solid design - in fact, the mid-century's balance of openness with substance is one of its most appealing motifs. For example, our midnight-black Cincinnati pendant can fill in a mid-century modern project by adding some gravity in the space. This piece comes in several other colors as well.

However you may approach it, styling a home with a mid-century modern design in mind can be a very enjoyable experience. We'd love to help you create your perfect space! As always, feel free to contact us any time for answers or suggestions. Have fun, designers!

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