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A Beautiful Outdoor Post Light for Your Yard

A Beautiful Outdoor Post Light for Your Yard

Lighting always makes a residential yard look inviting. An excellent way to add lighting is to include a gorgeous post light in your yard. This light will provide brightness where you need it so you can see better when you arrive home after dark. The additional light also provides security so that nobody can sneak up to your residence unseen. Keep in mind, when deciding on a post light, you'll want to choose one that will coordinate with the look of your house. You also want to opt for a high-quality post that will add a luxurious feel to your exterior.

If your house has an Old World look to it, you might want to choose a brass-constructed post light finished in a dark, medieval bronze tone. You'll love how this look highlights the style of your home. Curved, beveled glass that's clear and requires multiple candelabra bulbs will provide bright light and a gorgeous appearance. For the best look, choose a design with a square base and top that holds the glass in place, with a decorative finial on the apex as an accent.

If your home has a mid-century modern design, you understand how unique this style is. You'll want a post light to match. Selecting a rectangular-shaped design for the light base will look fabulous. Choose something in a black finish with narrow, vertical stripes decorating each side of the glass to accentuate the style. For a truly distinctive look, opt for glass that appears as if water is running down the sides. An aluminum-constructed post with one medium base bulb will provide the light you need. This sleek design option will highlight the architecture of your mid-century modern home to perfection.

If you prefer an industrial look, try an aluminum-constructed post in a bronze finish. Instead of the light sitting atop the post, select a design where the light base hangs from a metal arm. Opt for a model with round, seeded glass surrounding a bulb that hangs upside down from the top. In this design, the bottom remains open with a metal band circling the rim of the glass, which makes it easy to change out the light bulb when necessary.

If your home doesn't have a particular style, choose a transitional design for your post light. This option combines the best elements from traditional as well as modern decor. A steel-constructed post light will prove a durable, functional, and chic choice. Try a rectangular design with a bronze finish and beveled glass. To add interest, select a post with narrow, gold vertical bars decorating each side of the glass. An Edison bulb inside with a ring-shaped finial on top will give this post light the final touches that will enhance the look of any home.

Regardless of the style of your residence, you can find a striking-looking post light to match the design. For more information about outdoor post lights, please contact us today.

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