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Crystal Lighting Fixtures for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Crystal Lighting Fixtures for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Regardless of the style of your home, choosing luxurious crystal lighting fixtures for your kitchen and bathrooms will highlight the beauty of your decor. Crystal has been a favorite material used in lighting for hundreds of years and continues to shine today in high-end homes around the world.

Expensive-Looking Crystal Designs for Residential Homes

Kitchen Lighting – To enhance the beauty of your kitchen, choose two or more pendants to hang over your kitchen island or a peninsula. Choose fixtures with a suspended, crystal shade in a lovely drum design to illuminate your countertop. Pendant lights with a royal bronze finish will look fabulous whether your home's style is traditional, transitional, or contemporary. For another gorgeous look that takes even more advantage of the beauty of crystals, try pendants with a suspended shade in a more vertical design completely covered in these shimmering gems. A chrome finish completes this spectacular look. LED lights add to the appeal and are more energy-efficient than standard light bulbs.

Bathroom Lighting – For a luxurious look over your bathroom vanity, try four stylish LED globes that come with crystal-studded shades and a polished chrome finish. This crystal and chrome design looks fabulous with contemporary decor in bathrooms that have double sinks and a large mirror. For a more classic look, or in bathrooms with a single sink or two smaller mirrors, try a design with only two crystal globes that contain marquis-cut glass shades. This lighting fixture design, paired with a brushed nickel finish, will look elegant and expensive in a master bathroom or even a guest bathroom in your home.

For more ideas on crystal lighting fixtures, or for information on any high-end lighting, please contact us today. We sell distinctive-looking, decorative lighting fixtures designed from durable, high-quality materials that will enhance the value and beauty of your home.

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