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Lighting Fixtures for the Dining Area

Lighting Fixtures for the Dining Area

The dining area is probably one of the main areas in the home where lighting can play a significant role in setting just the right mood, or tone.  Homeowners generally want their dining area to convey a more relaxed, even cozy atmosphere where family members can come together after a full day to relax, unwind and connect with each other.  Yet there are times when the dining area is used for more practical functions and it is important for the lighting fixtures to provide adequate lighting for other activities besides eating.  Read on to learn more about how to blend both ambience and function into one cohesive lighting system.

Setting the Mood 

Lighting fixtures centered over the dining room table are probably the most important when it comes to adding style to the dining area, as well as enabling a relaxing, cozy ambience.  Depending upon the overall style of your dining area, chandeliers, pendants, industrial light fixtures or track lighting are all great choices.  Ideally, you'll want fixtures that will work with dimming switches so you can control the amount of light you'll receive, in case you want to provide a casual atmosphere or a more intimate setting.  Sideboards and china cabinets are often seen in dining rooms as well. Wall sconces generally work beautifully to highlight these types of pieces, while providing additional light when necessary. 

Varying Functions

If you are the type of homeowner who only uses the dining area for eating, then wall sconces and some overhead lighting are probably enough.  In some households though, family members might use the dining area for more practical functions.  Children often needs areas to complete homework assignments and some individuals use their dining room table as a mini-office at times.  In these cases, additional lighting is often necessary.  Along with overhead lighting, these types of households might want to consider adding some flexible table lamps that can be adjusted to project lighting where it is needed most.

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