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The Timeless Beauty of Mid-Century Modern lighting

The Timeless Beauty of Mid-Century Modern lighting

The Timeless Beauty of Mid-Century Modern lighting


Mid-century modern lighting's timeless, clean-lined style is still a popular choice in new home decor. It is easy to see why. The style combines classic tradition with a contemporary twist keeping it as inspiring as it is functional. With its endless variety of decorative options and geometric shapes, it is no wonder so many are selecting this throwback design to enhance both their indoor and outdoor living spaces. Urban Ambiance offers just the right mid-century modern lighting for all of your remodeling or new construction plans.

What is Mid-Century Modern Lighting?

Mid-century modern lighting gained popularity in America in the 1950s, a little over a decade after its introduction at the 1939 World's Fair in New York City. The colorful and linear style was influenced by the Danish and Bauhaus modernist movement. People loved the colorful, quirky shapes and how it seemed to pay homage to the space-age.  The tendency toward a more minimalist approach to home furnishings added to its appeal.

Urban Ambiance continues the tradition of the beloved style by offering a unique and versatile selection of mid-century lighting solutions. From quality, eye-catching chandeliers to chic pendant lights, your rooms will shine with nostalgic and sleek illumination. 

What Are The Elements of Mid-Century Modern Lighting?

The mid-century modern design celebrates uncluttered but elegant ornamentation with understated functionality. Light fixtures come in different finishes and colors often with interesting patterns and exposed light bulbs. Simple, streamlined shapes give way to muted glass spheres or bright, diamond shades. The wire frames may have unexpected arcs and bows keeping the style as fun as it is unique.

There is a reason why mid-century modern lighting styles endure and find new life in every decade. Maybe it is because it is an ideal blend of the contemporary and the old. Its iconic nod to traditional simplicity with a whimsical twist makes it the focal point and an attractive accent to every classic decor.

What Are Some Mid-Century Modern Lighting Styles?

Mid-century modern lighting comes in an assortment of types and styles. It is a trend that manages to brighten up any home no matter what your personal interior design choices happen to be. Its sleek lines and bold structures offer flexible and versatile lighting options you are sure to love.

  • Chandeliers — The right chandelier adds character and atmosphere to modern spaces. These larger lighting fixtures serve as centerpieces to any room providing illumination without compromising warmth.  Mid-century modern chandeliers offer a balanced element to your space's vibe.
  • Pendants — Mid-century modern pendant lights are perfect for a decorative touch requiring focused, concentrated light.  Pendant lights can serve as a welcoming, outside entry beacon or as a vintage, subdued touch to an indoor room. 
  • Ceiling — Flush-mount or hanging ceiling lights come in a large variety of designs. Mid-century modern styles combine modernity with function. A variety of finishes and sizes make this a great choice when bright, even light distribution is desirable.
  • Wall Light/Sconce  Wall lights and sconces are the most deliberately decorative of lighting options in or outside your home. From a brassy industrial look to a softer glow, wall lights can easily create the ambiance you strive for anywhere in or around the house.
  • Post Lights — Outdoor post/pier lights enhance your landscape features while they help provide safe passage for you and your family. That doesn't mean they have to be boring. Urban Ambiance's mid-century modern post lights are beautiful and elegantly stylish.

Urban Ambiance is your premier source of high-quality, luxury lighting. We take an innovative approach to the lighting industry by insisting on the best in both the products we carry and our customer service. We believe in giving back to the community. We partner with Habitat for Humanity donating a percentage of our profits to help those who need it most. Contact us anytime and let us know how we can help you with your lighting needs.

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