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Setting Your Home's Tone with a Fabulous Foyer

Setting Your Home's Tone with a Fabulous Foyer

Setting Your Home's Tone with a Fabulous Foyer


The foyer is the first thing your guests will see when they step into your house. Your foyer sets the tone for your entire space and serves to welcome your guests, and you, into the comfort of your home.  Foyers come in all shapes and sizes and it can be tricky finding just the right look for your foyer.   Have no fear, however, Urban Ambiance has just what you need to help you create the perfect space to welcome everyone, including you, into your home. 

Shine Some Light on Things

The light you shine in your foyer can go a long way towards creating the ambiance you are trying to communicate in your home. The light fixtures, be them ceiling fixtures or wall-mounted fixtures, can go a very long way in expressing your style. After all, the light fixtures are the first decorations you, or your house guest will see.  If you pick a more modern and industrialized look or more of a farmhouse, rustic fixture will go a long way to creating a feeling for your home that will spill throughout the house. The lights in the foyer illuminate the way into your house and their form and function can be instrumental in showcasing your style.  

Accent Pieces

Sometimes it is the little things that go a long way.  The smallest accent piece can be instrumental in creating a foyer with style.  Anything from a bench, to a table, to a mirror, or even a piece of artwork, can go a long way to expressing the style of you and your home. For example, adding the right mirror to your foyer can be magical for your space.  The right mirror will not only serve as an accent piece that displays your style, it also will reflect the light.  Reflecting the light in your foyer will create a sense of more space, something that is particularly important for those small areas.  The same goes for the right piece of artwork. The right artwork can serve as a centerpiece that will anchor the style of the foyer and spill into the rest of the house, welcoming you and your guests into a space that is truly yours.  The right accent piece can create a feeling of drama in your foyer that is enticing and pleasing and give your home character.  After all, who doesn't love a dramatic entrance?

Floors and Rugs

It may seem like the floor will be the last thing someone looks at when they step into your home.  However, more often than not, the floor is the first thing people see.  They step into your home onto the flooring and onto the rug. The type of flooring and floor coverings you have can immediately generate a sense of style for all those who traverse your doorstep.  Moreover, much like the accent pieces, the flooring, or the rug can be the anchor for the space and be the launching pad for the design and style of the rest of the home.  For example, a patterned floor can be eye-catching and will draw you and your guests warmly into your home.  In much the same way, a rug that is unique in style can steal your guests' attention and showcase your personality and style.

The foyer is the first room you and your guests step into when you enter your home.  It is the room that sets the tone for the entire house and welcomes you in.  It can be a challenge to create a foyer that showcases your personal style, whether the space is big or small.  However, Urban Ambiance has just what you need to create a foyer that communicates your style and personality and welcomes you warmly into your home.  For more information contact us today. 

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