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Seven Layers of Lighting for Outdoor Evening Parties - Pt 2

Seven Layers of Lighting for Outdoor Evening Parties - Pt 2

4) Central Fire

But who says all your light has to come from electricity and little bulbs? Fire is always a nice touch at outdoor gatherings where there are food and festivities to go around. A large fire will draw a crowd and eventually become the most popular evening party destination, while many smaller fires will provide a natural warm illumination to the entire outdoor venue.

-Fire Pit

Fire pits and fire-pit-furniture are fantastic for outdoor events. A large bonfire with a safety radius can provide ample heat and light for much of the event. For smaller events, a firepit can give a group of guests a reason to gather around in a circle to share stories and enjoy the fire.

-Outdoor Fire Place

Outdoor fireplaces are different, as they tend to have a front and back. They also retain and produce more heat because the bricks get hot and then emit heat into the night. For fall and winter events, an outdoor fireplace with a big hearth is a classy and illuminating addition to any outdoor event.

-Tiki Torches

Of course, if you want to light more of the event with fire, you'll have to use multiple smaller fires. Tiki torches or small firepit furniture can be used to create focal points of fire all over the outdoor venue.


5) Lamps and Paper Lanterns

Lanterns are a beautiful tradition of outdoor event planning. You can use singular lanterns hanging from different heights to create a wonderful layered illumination design, or a string of lanterns to define spaces or guide guests along paths. Glass lanterns provide a warm flickering glow and a traditional style. Paper lanterns are just as lovely, but provide a softer light and more color to the decor.


6) Dedicated Table Lighting

Be sure to dedicate some lighting to each and every table. Whether you are seating your guests for dinner or providing tables for cocktails and snack plates, each table would benefit from its own lighting. If you have the supports, a light suspended over each table can be marvelous and surprising to find at an outdoor event.

-Table Candles

Adhering to tradition is another way to light each table. Large glass-protected candles on each table can be lit around sunset to make every table glow.

-Illuminated Centerpieces

Another approach to table lighting is to create unique illuminated centerpieces. Some people put bundles of light strands inside glass jars, others use frosted glass to diffuse light into wonderful colors and geometric containers. You can use light as an element of your centerpiece design or add an illuminated unique piece to each otherwise complete design.


7) Projected Ground Lighting

Finally, the last layer is ground lighting. One of the most amazing things you can do with outdoor event lighting is to cast shapes of light on the ground. Use special lanterns that project light down and outward using special shapes and color filters. You can project stars, letters, images, and patterns out onto the grass or dance floor in a spectacular show of shoes and visionary party planning.


Here at Urban Ambiance, we can help you design the perfect lighting scheme for your home, venue, and any event. Long-term upgrades or short-term solutions, we can help. If you're looking for a powerful urban design to make a real impression on guests, the key is to create layers of lighting that work together. Provide illumination, designate areas, and create mood lighting with one unified urban design. For more hot new lighting ideas and to find the light fixtures that will bring your vision to life, contact us today. We look forward to it.

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