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How to Choose the Right Metal Finish for Lighting Fixtures

How to Choose the Right Metal Finish for Lighting Fixtures

How to Choose the Right Metal Finish for Lighting Fixtures


One of the best ways to provide the "wow" factor that everyone is looking for when completing a remodeling project is through the selection of the right lighting. Investing in quality lighting fixtures for a room not only provides the proper illumination for a wide range of living activities, it can also set the overall tone or mood of the room -- whether the homeowner wants the crisp, clean look of contemporary decor or the more relaxed feel associated with a farmhouse or coastal decorating style. Fortunately, today's homeowners have a wide range of colors and metal finishes to choose from, allowing them to add just the right the look and feel to satisfy their remodeling goals. In this article, we will outline a few tips on what to consider when selecting the ideal lighting fixtures, as well as highlight the merits of each metal finish available in lighting choices today.

Consider Other Hardware

During a remodeling project, it's not uncommon for homeowners to overlook the color, style, and finish of door hardware such as hinges and knobs. After they finish their remodeling project, rather than experiencing the visual connection of coordinating hardware throughout the room, the area lacks the cohesive look and feel the homeowner was aiming for.

Other hardware components can either coordinate or clash with various lighting styles and finishes as well. In the bathroom, tub and shower hardware along with toilet fixtures and towel racks must be considered when coordinating light fixtures. Other rooms that typically have additional fixtures include laundry rooms (laundry appliances and sinks) and kitchens. Kitchens have quite a bit of hardware including cabinet drawer pulls, sink fixtures, window levers, and kitchen appliances. While this may seem daunting to coordinate all the various pieces of hardware in room, it is absolutely possible to find the perfect lighting fixtures to achieve the homeowner's dream.

Metal Finishes

Copper — Copper is a beautiful metal finish that can add a rich luster to any room. Lighting fixtures with a copper finish can add just the right touch of warmth to a farmhouse-styled kitchen, yet it's versatile enough to add some pizzazz to modern decor as well.

Nickel — Nickel is another popular metal finish, especially brushed nickel. Nickel lighting fixtures look amazing in a wide variety of decorating styles including contemporary, traditional craftsman, modern farmhouse, and industrial.

Gold — A gold metal finish adds warmth and a rich tone to any room in the home. Gold finishes look wonderful within a wide range of styles including vintage, contemporary, farmhouse, and French country.

Chrome — Chrome has come a long way in recent years and is now capable of adding a rich glam feel to decor styles including contemporary, industrial, transitional, and yes, even nautical! 

Bronze — Bronze is a classic metal finish used in many lighting fixtures and for good reason. Bronze metal finishes offer a sense of warmth and depth to both inside and outside the home. Bronze lighting fixtures are available for multiple decorating styles including modern farmhouse, contemporary, colonial, and industrial.

Black/White — Black and white are not true metal finishes, but there are lighting fixtures available in both of these colors. White lighting fixtures look amazing in both French country and mid-century modern styles, and black lighting fixtures are available for modern and contemporary styles, industrial chic, vintage and colonial, mid-century modern, and even French country.

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