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The Importance and Benefits of Adding Texture and Layering in Your Home

The Importance and Benefits of Adding Texture and Layering in Your Home


All the components of your room can be intact and organized, but you still feel that there is something off about it. You could have incorporated some design features such as color scheme, furniture, and décor items, but the room just feels flat.

Color and pattern make a significant statement, but the answer to making your room vibrant is texture and layering. It might not be that obvious, but the impact that texture has on any space is dramatic.

You could add some tile backsplashes in your kitchen, wallpapers in your bathroom, or some lighting fixtures with a flair. Making conscious decisions to add texture into your design will make your room pop and amp up your design to enviable levels.

What Do We Mean by Texture and Layering?

In design parlance, it can be defined as the sensation caused by the external surfaces of objects and is received through the sense of touch. You can think of the feeling you get when squishing carpet between your toes, touching a rough wooden table, or even sinking to some leather cushions. That's texture.

On the other hand, layering is pulling together all the elements of a room to feel natural- while still maintaining a sense of individualism. It can range from wall coverings, flooring, wall elements, furniture, soft furnishings, and lighting.

Here are some of the benefits of adding texture and layering your home and how it plays a critical role in elevating your overall design experience.

Adds Visual Weight

This is the first impression that a space creates and how much it draws attention to itself. A healthy dose of texture will make the room look elegant and speak volumes for itself.

A rough texture is likely to make a room feel more intimate and grounded, while a smooth texture will make the room feel sleeker and aloof.

Provides Balance

Contrast is remarkable because it makes the most important items in your room pop out more and provides visual interest. Remember, if all things look similar, eyes have trouble focusing and will end up glazing over the whole room, making it look abnormal.

Besides, add some restraint and avoid going overboard with texture and stick to two or three distinct layers in a particular space—too much of layering clutter the room and makes it feel funny.

Establishes Elegance

You can establish a type of style that matches your personality using texture and layering. It could be a traditional, modern, country, or romantic look. Dressing up space with hand-tufted rugs, woven wool, fabric trims, gilded frames, and smooth polish can add some traditional style in a particular space. Ambient lighting makes the room feel natural and comfortable.

Sets the Mood

The texture of a room can create such a vibe. You can choose soft fine fabrics and embellished furniture for a feminine mood. On the other hand, if you want a more masculine look, you can use rustic metals and rich wood to achieve that effect.

Besides, you need to keep in mind that style lighting is equally essential and caters to the aesthetics more than purpose. It helps enhance certain features that bring forth a sense of femininity or masculinity.

Harmonizes a Room

Blending textures together using layering makes a room establish a peaceful, soothing, and serene scheme.

Completely Transforms a Space

Layering and adding texture has a strong influence and can help you achieve the look you want despite the surroundings. The strategic use of well-selected textures such as warm woods and woven textiles gives your home a more soothing and classic feel.

Using Texture at Your Home

All the following benefits are excellent, but they don't have any significance if you cannot establish them in your home. Here are a few methods of layering and adding texture in your room:

  • Lighting- This might be the most crucial factor and cheapest way to add some ambiance in a particular space. You can add ceiling lights, sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, and other ambient features that have a significant impact on the overall outlook of your kitchen or any room.
  • Architectural Elements- If you have some crown moldings, tray ceilings, and chair rails, you can make them a focal point in your home to add texture.
  • Furniture- Some of the ways to bring some distinct feel in your home is by using satin chairs, wooden benches, and marble tabletops.
  • Décor items- You can use shadow boxes, flowers, coffee table books, and some knick-knacks that describe you.
  • Floor and wall coverings- works of art, mirrors, photos, and carefully selected patterns will go a long way in providing depth for your home.

Do you consider breathing new life into your space by adding texture and layering? At urban ambiance, we provide you with high-quality, luxurious, and lucrative lights that will bring a complete transformation in your room. Don't hesitate to talk to us, and we will be glad to assist you.

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