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Taking Advantage Of The Essentials: 6 Lighting Trends For Your Kitchen

Taking Advantage Of The Essentials: 6 Lighting Trends For Your Kitchen

Lighting is an essential part of interior design, and its styles and trends keep changing with advancing technology. Every day, fixtures and bulbs grow more multifunctional and sophisticated, and this year has seen some innovative lighting ideas which significantly affect how people perceive spaces. Generally, to achieve successful interior lighting, you need to satisfy three aspects.

  • Ambient:  Lighting that provides overall light to spaces (chandeliers, recessed ceiling lights).
  • Task: Lighting used for specific tasks (table lamps, under-cabinet lights, spotlights, sconces).
  • Accent: Lighting to highlight objects or architectural features (picture lights, track lighting, picture/mirror frames with inbuilt lights).

Most people would consider the best form of kitchen lighting to be task lighting because of all the specialized activities that take place in it. However, other types of lighting can be layered to play a significant role in how your kitchen looks and feels. Classically, to assure a clean space, kitchens were kept bright and mostly white. But 2019 is the year for new and fresh trends. Bold colors, art, and mix-and-match are the order of the day, and with the right lighting, you can give your kitchen a bold, on-trend look.

Below are some recommended, fresh lighting ideas for today's kitchen.

1. Pendant Light Fixtures

Hanging pendants have recently taken the place of basic recessed ceiling lighting and are used to denote different areas within a kitchen. Suspended lighting can provide stylish illumination over kitchen islands and can come with a metal, fabric or concrete finish, acting as a chic centerpiece.

2. LED Lighting

A subtle and energy-efficient vibe can be added to your kitchen with the use of LED lights. These are usually laid along countertops, walls, and inside/along kitchen cabinets. LEDs can provide bright light during specific tasks on counters, and over cooking stoves, while dimmer versions give a soft glow when the kitchen is not in use. Global conversation has shifted to power conservation and environmentally friendly alternatives, and LED lighting satisfies that brief. It comes with many options and variety in color, brightness level, and shape. Also, it is easy to find and install, which fits a millennial, on-the-go lifestyle perfectly.

4. Industrial And Retro Look

For a funky, artistic look, metal is making a comeback in the lighting industry. Retro fixtures made of sleek and polished metal are giving an industrial and artsy vibe to modern kitchens. Alternative designs and varied tones will bring a warehouse-style to your kitchen workspaces, which is very much in vogue.

5. Vintage Inspired  

Kitchen lighting with a vintage profile is currently trending. For instance, pull-chains and Edison-style bulbs are bringing back a vintage feel to kitchens. The traditional-inspired designs are homey and are also available in LED versions that save power.

6. Art Deco

Recent kitchen lighting and fixtures now come in functional and aesthetic Art Deco designs which give a nostalgic early-century vibe.  Clean lines and creative geometric designs provide an eye-catching overhead focal point. It adds an informal and artsy feel to a kitchen.

In Closing

This year, a lot of people are moving towards understated but impactful details in their kitchen décor. Lighting décor choices can help you accomplish this, whether you're building a new kitchen or renovating an old one. Even though the kitchen is one of the most practical rooms in a house, interior designers and homeowners are not limited to traditionally harsh and purely functional lighting options. A well-designed kitchen is the heart of the home and should be multipurpose. With the flick of a dimmer switch, it should go from modern task-bright to sophisticated dinner-party warm in a blink. Using the right lighting, your kitchen can be a seamless combination of style and function, with the perfect warm and welcoming feel.

No matter what your décor preference for your kitchen is, at Urban Ambiance we offer lighting packages that give you what you want. For any questions or inquiries about the best lighting fixtures and ideas for your home, contact us!

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