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4 Ways to Emulate Berlin's Bold Industrial Style

4 Ways to Emulate Berlin's Bold Industrial Style

Berlin is a fascinating city with a tumultuous history marked by cycles of devastation and renewal that have forced the city to repeatedly reinvent itself. As a result, Berlin has earned a reputation for audacious urban design that is always on the cutting edge. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the once-divided city has become a hub for artists, musicians, techies, and all manner of creative types looking to help shape the future of Germany's capital and most exciting city.

Style in today's Berlin, much like the city itself, combines the modern sleekness of the former West with the kitschy, industrial boldness of former East. Berliners share a DIY approach to making the city their own, meaning Berlin is teeming with street art and graffiti that makes the city come alive. In the new Berlin, that which is off-center, unpolished, or surprising is as celebrated and revered as the clean lines and geometry of the city's modern glass architecture, such as the famous Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz.

Youthful and exuberant, Berlin lives up to its reputation as the perfect place for all-night parties, adventurous urban exploration, or grabbing a bite at an artisan open-air market, like those at Neue Heimat. Whether you transform your own space into a modern, industrial getaway as exclusive as notorious techno club Berghain or just bring in a few brash, artsy elements to give your space some edge, mimicking Berlin's urban playground style is all about creating an imaginative environment that celebrates the grittiness of urban life.

Embrace Asymmetry

Berliners love the city for its unexpected nooks and crannies. Pair bold, surprising colors with asymmetrical chandeliers to lend drama to any room. Geometric pendant lights hung at different levels offer a striking, one-of-a-kind silhouette reminiscent of a modern art installation.

Highlight Industrial Elements

Find beauty in the factory-like appearance of metal caging, exposed bulbs, and manufacturing-inspired shapes. Emphasize a loft's visible pipes by matching them to metal fixtures in similar finishes.

Consider The Entire Space a Work of Art

Utilize dramatic lighting to play off murals, exposed brick, or high-contrast wallpaper. Consider colored LED or blacklight bulbs to theatrically alter the mood of a room. LED track lighting can be used to feature large-scale paintings and sculptures within your space.

Extend to Outdoor Spaces

If you can't visit the Prater Biergarten yourself, bring the ambiance of Berlin's beer gardens to your deck or patio by bathing outdoor space in warm light using industrial-inspired sconces or posts. Add foliage and a roomy picnic table to complete the effect.

Berlin's laid-back, artistic approach to design is a fitting complement to any urban lifestyle and will help you create the perfect industrial chic space to unwind, escape the din of the city, and share a Berliner Weissbier with friends. Contact us about making your Berlin vision a reality today!

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