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Northern by Nature: Alaskan Inspired Lighting for Your Home

Northern by Nature: Alaskan Inspired Lighting for Your Home

What is more beautiful and breathtaking than the Northern Lights? If you're in Fairbanks, Alaska you're lucky enough to look out your window and experience the beauty and wonder anytime, but for the rest of us, we'll have to settle for bringing the northern lights inside. Here's how to bring the rough and raw beauty of the Alaskan tundra into your home. 

The landscape in Alaska is truly grand. So why not start with your bold statement piece, the chandelier for above your dining room table. Your guests will feel like they're experiencing something original when you serve dinner under this farmhouse-inspired candelabra. Or maybe you're looking for a bit more subtlety and want all of the attention on your amazing meals? Look no further than this simple yet stunning chandelier that will have light dancing on the walls like it's aurora borealis. 

In Alaskan fashion, it's time to get in touch with the outdoors-- head to your patio and flip on the exterior lights to entertain your guests after dinner. Casting light onto your dazzling conversation is this stately stunner in olde bronze finish showing the way to a good time. What's that off in the distance? It's the Post Light guiding the way to smores! 

When it's all said and done- this outdoorsy life can really take it out of you. All that fresh air has you tired out and you'll be thinking to yourself that you're pretty glad to have dusk instead of twenty-four-hours of daylight so you can catch some zzz's. Before you flip out the light you admire your bedside wall sconce, it lets you glide into bed without stubbing your toe and as you click it off, you can't wait to flip it on again in the morning to illuminate all that tomorrow might bring. 

Alaska can inspire bold, brave, and big choices all over your home-- and with a blend of our farmhouse and rustic collections, it's easily achievable to have all of the feelings of the northern lights, without the bitterly cold winters. Contact us for more ways to transform your home into an Alaskan Oasis. 

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