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Sconce Lighting for Space Elevation

Sconce Lighting for Space Elevation

Sconce Lighting for Space Elevation


A sconce is a lighting feature that is fixed to a wall in a way that it is only supported by the wall itself. The light, most often, spreads upward or downward against the wall.

Functionality and Convenience

Sconce lighting comes with many advantages, one of which is its ability to provide illumination where needed without sacrificing the style and aesthetic aspect of the room's design. There is also the added benefit of saved space. If there is no available tabletop or floor space, you aren't forced to utilize a chandelier or uninteresting ceiling bulb. Instead, you can opt for the elegant touch that is the wall sconce. Sconces take up much less space than other types of lighting while simultaneously adding to the room's enchantment. 


Sconces come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs, making it an extremely versatile lighting fixture and decorative choice. Everything from the wall plates to the location of the dimmer switch can be customized and specifically designed to your liking. All this while being among the most functional of lighting choices. 

Sconce lighting directs the beam of light upwards, downward, and sometimes both ways. This gives you further control of the light's placement and use. 

Near, Far, Wherever You Are

Placement is so much more than simply deciding that you'd rather not sit in the dark. Sconces can be used for a variety of reasons and whatever your reason is should be the determiner of where you fix the sconce lighting. You are not limited to placing the lights in the rooms of your home or building but also in hallways, bathrooms, garages, and even outside. These can be lined up leading up the driveway or on the walls outside your front door or even further off at the main gate at the bottom of the driveway. You are only limited by your imagination. 

More than illumination

More than providing a means for clear vision, sconce lighting can be used as a highlighting strategy. Essentially this means you can place the lighting fixtures where you would like to draw attention to a specific piece of furniture, artwork, or light up a mirror. Sconce lighting also works as accent lighting which sets the mood and atmosphere of the room. By using dimmers and choosing what setting to leave it on, you can have your room feel more sultry and enigmatic or you could go for the opposite an create a more live, exciting atmosphere in the room.  Sconce lighting is best known for concentrated ambiance. 

Where you may have an element of the room, perhaps furniture, that seems a little lackluster or plain, sconce lighting can be placed on either side of it to frame the element, adding to its intrigue and appeal. You may have seen mantels or fireplaces that have sconce lighting nearby. This is most likely the reason why.  


If a theme you wished to achieve in a room is not clear enough, you could select a design or material for the sconce lighting that will reinforce the theme nicely. For example, you may have an affinity for more geometric design, this can be done by selecting a sconce fixture with sharper angles and a definite shape such as a rectangle as opposed to a circular shape. The same goes for choice of material such as a fabric shade versus a stainless steel shade on the fixture. 

Clutter Free

Other lighting may require other furniture such as how a lamp may require a desk or table. This extra piece of furniture may seem out of place in the room or perhaps it takes up far too much space. These cluttered and unnecessary additions can be avoided by opting for a sleeker, more sophisticated look of wall sconces.


You can decide upon different types of light to determine what type of light is shed in the room. For example, you can use bulbs with a color temperature somewhere between 2700K to 3000K to mimic the glow of daylight. This is usually best for when sconces are used in bathrooms. 

Tiny-Home Approved

If your space is a smaller one, sconce lighting can be used entirely throughout your space as it is minimalistic in nature and will get the job done without inconveniencing you in your space and design. When used correctly, sconce lighting can even go as far as creating the facade of a larger space. 

Whether you choose to use sconce lighting to illuminate artwork or as the artwork itself, you will find an array of benefits and advantages to opting for sconce lighting instead of or additionally to other lighting. This is true for spaces of all sizes, locations and purposes. Contact us to find out more about the best lighting for your space.

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