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Different Types of Chandelier Styles

Different Types of Chandelier Styles

The right chandelier can completely transform the look of any room. Homeowners who are looking for a statement design piece should consider getting a chandelier. However, choosing the perfect light fixture isn’t as easy as it may seem. This article will overview the different types of chandelier styles to help people determine which type is right for them.

Candle Chandeliers

Candle chandeliers are what most people think of when they hear the word chandelier. This light fixture has five or more arms, each with its own candlestick light at the end. Some candle chandeliers come with shades that can be placed over the bulbs for an added touch of elegance. Typically, the bulbs on these chandeliers mimic candles. These light fixtures vary in sizes, and most homeowners hang them in their dining rooms over a large table. Candle chandeliers are the perfect option for people who want a more traditional interior design in their homes.

Contemporary Chandeliers

Contemporary chandeliers are the right choice for people who like minimalist yet innovative designs. These light fixtures often push the envelope and show people how lighting can be reimagined. If you want something totally different, choose a design with multiple bulbs and a unique shape. There are also contemporary lighting options for people that want a sleek structure with clean lines. Anyone looking for contemporary chandelier lighting should browse the vast collection at Urban Ambiance. Our contemporary chandeliers are stunning and will undoubtedly serve as the focal point of any room.

Glass Chandeliers

Chandeliers can be made of different types of material. Glass chandeliers are beautiful, and they’re an excellent choice for people who want to be unique. Tons of homeowners love glass chandeliers because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Since glass chandeliers don’t fit one particular model., there are endless design options to choose from. If you want something cutting-edge for your living room, search for a glass chandelier with protruding arms or an attention-grabbing shape. However, there are also traditional-looking glass chandeliers to appease more modest homeowners.

There are so many different types of chandelier styles. This article has touched on three of the most popular designs on the market today. If you want to impress people the minute they enter your home, consider hanging a chandelier in your house. Chandeliers create a statement that not only serves as an attractive design feature, but that may also impress buyers whenever you decide to sell. Urban Ambiance has an impressive selection of chandeliers that’ll fit any style you want. Our team of experts wants to help you achieve the interior design of your dreams.

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