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Say Goodbye to All-White Kitchens


Say Goodbye to All-White Kitchens

The all-white kitchen has ruled neutral home design for decades. Since the dawn of mod minimalism in the 1960s, all-white interior design has been the definition of trendy simplicity. The obsession with straight edges, clean lines, and personality-free décor has ruled corporate and residential design for longer than many of today's homeowners have been alive.

But the all-white kitchen's day has finally come. It's time to say goodbye to the all-white kitchen of sharp lines in monochrome and finally embrace some color, shape, and style in trending kitchen design.

Why All-White Kitchens are Out in 2023

What began as months where everyone stayed home out of necessity because of the pandemic, has become an era of staying home on purpose. This has brought more attention to home décor and more desire to see pleasing forms and colors in everyday life.

In short: as far as kitchen design trends go, we're tired of all-white kitchens. The work from home trend has inspired so many home improvement trends, and a big part of that is finally breaking the mold on the idea that houses should be as stark and bland as possible underneath the family picture frames. If you want to DIY your kitchen for the new year, then here are a few design ideas for your kitchen for your own enjoyment, or to increase your resale value.

" far as kitchen design trends go, we're tired of all-white kitchens. The work from home trend has inspired so many home improvement trends, and a big part of that is finally breaking the mold on the idea that houses should be as stark and bland as possible..."

The New Kitchen Colors of 2023

What color are kitchen cabinets in this new trend? What colors are trending in this massive change in kitchen design? Unsurprisingly, we're seeing a lot of personality coming out of the eaves when it comes to kitchen design that breaks the minimalist mold. Interestingly, some of the strongest kitchen color trends of 2023 are exact opposites. On one side, we have gentle natural tones like moss green and warm wood, and on the other, we have the dark regal look of black lacquer and glowing metal finishes. There are also a few splashes of other on trend colors in the mix to bring in that pop of color that people love.

Moss Green and Natural Wood

Moss green has definitely come out as the top kitchen color for 2023, with surprising fervor for such a mild tone. Many people are bringing nature into the kitchen with warm wood and a dusty, pale green that could be called moss. This dusty green is soothing, like looking up through sun-dappled leaves. It has been used for kitchen cabinets or as the accent color when cabinetry are stained wood grain instead.

Navy Blue

Apart from the green nature style, we are seeing a lot of dark accent colors. One of our favorites of the leading dark kitchen trends is a stately navy blue. Navy blue makes a striking accent color that gives a sense of formality to a space without giving in to the old monochrome. Navy can be combined with grays for a somber look, but it also looks excellent in a cream kitchen as a dark yet welcome contrasting hue.

Dark Jewel Tones

Alongside navy blue, many bold colors like burnt red, dark turquoise, and amber yellow are making their way into kitchens. These paint colors can be used as eye-catching cabinets or used as dramatic trim. Darker kitchen accents combined with dusty counterparts can make a kitchen feel surprisingly warm, and an enjoyable change from stark white design.

Charcoal and Chalkboard

For those looking to start with a dark color palette, charcoal is in. Softer than a black kitchen, but truly dramatic when paired with stainless steel fixtures, charcoal paint is for kitchens making a 2023 statement that all-white is truly gone. One fun mini-trend is to use chalkboard paint when painting your kitchen charcoal, so that it can be drawn on, erased, and - depending on the paint - maybe even hold magnets. This is fun functionality.

How to Use Color When Saying Goodbye to Your All-White Kitchen

If you're rejoicing in the perfect excuse to remodel, or just repaint your own minimalist mod kitchen, here are a few ways to make use of color in your new kitchen design.

Lacquered Doorways and Trim

Shiny, dramatic trim is in. Black lacquer is being used everywhere from eye-catching trim to a full-kitchen experience. But really, accent colors are a leading design trend as a whole. Choose a dark, striking accent color and check out how just a quick trim change can transform your space.

Natural Wood Grains

Look for opportunities to incorporate natural wood. Stained wood cabinets, warm and welcoming wood chairs, and laminate-protected wood floorboards are all leading in the trends as nature reenters home design. Warm woods with a cheerful amber hue are in favor, but deep oak or mahogany stain is also seeing a resurgence in elegant kitchen design.

The Glamour of Gilded Charcoal

You can also embrace the regal design trend with charcoal paint and polished metal finish. This goes perfectly with new black enameled appliances that come with shiny handles and knobs that make any kitchen feel like part of a royal castle design.

2023's Top Kitchen Trends

What are the top kitchen trends as 2023 styles take the lead? It's more than just a paint revolution. There are some truly beautiful (and useful) kitchen designs and floor plans ready for your next upgrade or renovation.

Statement Island Pendants

Pendant lights above the kitchen island have been front-and-center in the latest kitchen design guides and magazine-spread photo shoots. Cage pendants are by far the most eye-catching, each a hanging geometric wire sculpture. However, industrial and steam-punk lantern styles are also coming back into the game, while more natural wicker and cloth look perfect with the right kitchen design in the latest nature tones.

Natural Stone Countertops

In addition to wood grains, natural stone is seeing a resurgence in popularity - and not just granite and marble stone slabs for countertops. This includes both waterfall kitchen backsplashes and subway tile backsplashes now designed to make a statement.

Open Shelves

While upper cabinets are getting a makeover, consider the appeal of open shelves. Open shelves can make the place feel more open while showing off the tidiness of your everyday dishes.

Decorative Ceiling Beams

As natural wood and wood stain make their debut in kitchen transformations, we are also seeing an increased trend in decorative ceiling beams to create an artistic twist on classic farmhouse charm and a design element that can move between rooms in open concept plans that connect kitchens to living rooms and dining rooms.

Unbelievable Storage

Storage solutions are taking center stage. Everyone is going wild over hidden and surprise levels of incredible storage. Islands with drawers you have to see to believe and elegant pantry storage systems prove that you really can tuck everything away and have it at-hand as needed.

Integral Cabinet Lighting

The cherry on top of 2023 kitchen design is integral shelf and cabinet lighting. Building lights into your shelving not only looks spectacular, it can also help you find exactly what you are looking for every time you are about to dive into the pantry for the pancake mix or rummage through your utensils drawer for the can opener. A little light goes a long way to making your kitchen easier to use and truly beautiful to behold.

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