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2023 Interior Design Styles and Trends


2023 Top Interior Design Styles for the New Year

Ringing in the new year is about new beginnings, new projects, and a fresh new look at your home. It has been a great year for enthusiastic home renovations ranging from impressive remodeling projects to cool DIY masterpieces. Every year, home decor trends bring us new styles to get excited about, and new design ideas that embody the evolving lifestyles of modern homeowners. This year, we are seeing an exciting evolution of natural, cozy, and practical styles that embody an inspiring new look of work-life balance at home.

Gone are the stark whites, the dull greige, and the pristine minimalism of previous years. The new year is favoring homes that are at once more historically classic and eclectically cozy than ever before.

Let's dive into the top interior design and home decor ideas of 2023 to celebrate a new year of home renovation plans.

2023 Furniture Styles Get Cozy

What are popular furniture styles in 2023?

By far one of the best interior design trends and decor ideas of 2023 is a return to coziness. Stark minimalist spaces have their place on magazine covers, but homeowners and designers today are throwing off the limitations of sharp lines and blocky furniture in favor of spaces that feel more like a warm, personal family space with a dash of eclectic charm.

Natural furniture like wicker, cane and boucle are decor trends, paired with the warm glow of restored antiques and splashes of bright patterned upholstery. Solid-on-solid colors are fading in favor of textured fabrics, bold patterns, and natural materials.

"Gone are the stark whites, the dull greige, and the pristine minimalism of previous years. The new year is favoring homes that are at once more historically classic and eclectically cozy than ever before"

Natural Tones and Eclectic Colors are Back

What are the most popular colors to decorate your house in 2023? That love of natural material furniture carries right over into the color palette. 2023 is a year of eye-catching natural color trends and soothing shades of nature. Going the way of stark minimalism is also rooms painted stark white or monochrome decor.

2023 favors warm tones like honey, amber, and ochre blended with mossy muted greens and splashed with bold flower accents like rose and raspberry. Even the charcoals have a hint of maroon, and deep forest green is seeing a comeback as an accent color. Darker paint colors are in, but far from gloomy, think art deco colors - blushes and deep blue-greens define darker rooms as dramatic while still brightening the mood.

Adding a natural centerpiece to your coffee table or dining table is a great way to introduce natural elements into your space. Think of vases in neutral color schemes filled with branches and dried flowers, then add some candles to layer in a soft glow.

How Lighting Trends are Evolving in 2023

Lighting is also taking center stage as many homeowners consider upgrading dated old fixtures in favor of current trends. We love the trend of light fixtures that reflect nature, from mushroom chandeliers to creeping vine pendants. Upgrading lighting is a simple way to update your home decor.

Statement lighting chandeliers and multiple pendants are still going strong, but with an increasing focus on unique sconce light placement. Many homeowners are embracing the possibilities of custom wall lamp design and the ability to chase away the shadows in homes designed with dated and dim lighting schemes. We are also seeing a continued love of mixed metals, especially in the warmer finishes like bronze and brass fixtures next to stately wrought iron black.

A Love For Antiques, Reclaimed, and Restored Decor

2023 interior design is also revealing a renewed love of all things old, including DIY restorations. The eclectic trend toward coziness pairs perfectly with classic elegant styles through restored antiques and reclaimed wood features. This mirrors the increased focus on both sustainability and the younger generation of homeowners' desire to reconnect with the past.

Just one antique in a modern room gives the interior design a sense of history, personality, and depth. Among the decor ideas for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms are antique large leaning mirrors and unique, vivid upholstered furniture. However, if you're diving into a deeper renovation, investing in reclaimed wood floors and wall panels is a huge hit and a sustainable interior design trend that everyone can get behind.

Personalizing the Home Office

There's no doubt that 2023 is a year for home office design. While originally there was a rushed frenzy to resume work at home, now homeowners have had some time to truly consider what makes an ideal work-from-home space and how to build a home that reflects a healthy focus on both work and life in the work-life balance.

Ergonomic, inspiring, and most importantly - personalized home office design is a peaking trend of early 2023 and likely still going strong a year from now. Homeowners are taking the time to fully renovate the spare bedroom, basement, or loft into a stylish, functional home office - including closing off some of that open floor plan - to create a workspace that is both inspiring and great for at-home focus.

Home offices are becoming warmer, more personal, and more unique to those who work within. Color themes, built-in desks, shelving, and cabinetry designed to double as streaming studios are among both the stylish and practical home office trends of 2023.

2023 Loves Functional Design

You may have also seen more than a few articles or Pinterest boards about practical, multi-purpose, and fold-away furniture. This is because homeowners today realize the unique importance of a home that can do everything - and furniture that facilitates that. Gone are the days of useless decorative items, replaced by decor ideas that might serve three or four different useful and daily purposes.

Murphey beds and other transforming feature furniture are seeing a resurgence in popularity, while multi-purpose rooms and separate dedicated functional rooms are both trending as homeowners adapt each unique home to the needs of modern work-life lifestyles.

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How to Transition to the New Style

Embracing 2023's interior design trends can be as simple as lightening up your space with new furniture or installing a new light fixture. Give your rooms more warmth and personality with wood tones and vivid colors that occur in nature, while enjoying a post-industrial blend of mixed metal finishes and cheerful patterns.

If you are looking for the perfect light fixture to complete your 2023 home transformation, contact us today. Urban Ambiance is proud to be your source for trending light fixture design to enhance and brighten any space in your home. Choose warm metal finishes or stately wrought iron, fixtures ready for smart bulbs , and lights that imitate life just to name a few ways to embrace the styles of the new year.

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