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Creating a fabulous home gym that inspires daily workouts


Creating a fabulous home gym that inspires daily workouts

Creating a home gym has become a top DIY project that doesn't require major renovations. After all, the primary feature of a great gym is open floor space, but it's the accessories that really matter. Tired of the gym membership that you rarely use? It's easier than you think to create a fabulous home gym that inspires you to reach your fitness goals and creates a sense of luxury with every workout.

In fact, you can create the perfect space for energetic cardio, stress-relieving stretches, empowering muscle-building, and relaxing meditation all in the same room. All you need are a few home gym ideas and essentials and an eye for beauty.

The Benefits of a Home Gym

Having a workout space at home is like a private inner sanctum. It can be more personal than your bedroom, more relaxing than a bubble bath, and more empowering than a promotion. Your home gym is where you become the master of your own body because you have mastered the space where you exercise. No one can tell you how to work out. You decide when to stretch and how far you want to go. You decide when it's cardio time and how hard to push yourself. And if you just need a quiet moment for meditation, your home gym is the perfect relaxing space.

For many of us, having a home gym is also beneficial because you have run out of reasons not to exercise. In fact, a luxurious home gym design honed to your tastes and energy will make you want to work out, just to spend time in your new favorite room.

"...Tired of the gym membership that you rarely use? It's easier than you think to create a fabulous home gym that inspires you to reach your fitness goals and creates a sense of luxury with every workout."

Make Your Spare Room Sparse

The first step is to clear out your spare bedroom completely. If you are not able to take over a whole room, maybe carve out a corner in your home office or living room for a workout area. Get a feel for the space after taking everything out. Stand in the center with your arms out and do twists, swinging your arms and feeling the distance from the center of the room the walls. Try a few kicks or spins.

Then bust out the cleaning supplies. No one likes stepping or kneeling on grit when working out. This is also why many traditional martial arts practices begin with students sweeping the tatami. So, your home gym design and every future workout should start by cleaning the space until the floor is smooth and your spirit is refreshed.

Build a Wall of Small Workout Accessories

The best home workout spaces are versatile, providing several types of workouts even if your spare room is not very large. The best way to do this is with a wall of small workout accessories on just the right shelves and racks.

Get yourself a small rack for free weights and kettlebells. Hang a few hooks for your jump ropes, resistance bands, and weighted hula-hoops - whatever equipment you prefer. If you plan to lift a barbell, don't forget a rack or a sturdy shelf for your weight plates.

A small closing cabinet can provide an elegant way to store many small items, and 'armoire' or locker-style cabinets have an upper space for a clothing bar or hooks for hanging items, and for rolled-up yoga mats. Place all of this flush against one wall or in one corner so that most of the room is left open and clear.

Choose One or Two Pieces of Gym Equipment

If your room is large enough, invest in one or two pieces of gym equipment. Choose the one machine that you would normally go to a public gym to use. This might be a treadmill, your favorite type of elliptical, a rowing machine, a weight bench, a pull-down machine, or even a power rack. Your one or two pieces of large equipment will either fold out and away (some rowing machines can tip vertically for storage, and/or have their own padded mat to protect the floor. You might even want to install a ballet barre along the wall.

Other popular options include a pilates machine, a punching bag/stand, a pullup bar, dumbbells, or even a gymnastics bar. Keep in mind that there are many great workouts that you can do with just your bodyweight

A Versatile Floor Design

Make the best use of your floor. First, make a decision based on your existing floor. The tile should always be covered by a large gym mat. Most residential carpets are not ideal for a gym, so consider a mat for better traction and padding. however, if you have hardwood, there are some decisions to make. Bare hardwood is great for dance and martial arts footwork. A pad can protect your hardwood from bumps and scrapes when using weights. Or, you can split the difference with a mat that you roll out and roll up based on how you want to exercise each day.

In addition to the type of floor you choose, also think about your floor layout. Where will you put your yoga mat for stretching? Do you want a special zone for dumbbells and weightlifting? Does your one piece of equipment have a mat and a footprint or fold away? Each answer will help to better define your workout space.

Hang Mirrors to Watch Your Form

Form is extremely important if you are pursuing formal exercises, from pilates to squats to powerlifting. This is why every gym and dojo has a wall of mirrors. The most affordable way to create a wall of mirrors in your gym space is by finding discounted full-length mirrors (about four feet high, designed to hang on the back of your closet door. Pick up 4-10 of them, remove the frames, and mount the glass edge-to-edge along one wall at the right height for you.

But don't be afraid to get creative. You can even use a camera and screen to watch yourself and fix your form. Especially if you plan to stream your workouts for social motivation or live classes.

Mood Lighting vs Energy Lighting

Lighting really matters in your home workout space. When it's cardio time and you are pushing through resistance, you want bright natural-feeling light even when the sun is down. But mood lighting is also great when you are cooling down or using your home gym as a meditation space.

We advise a multi-bulb ceiling fan if your room does not already have one, providing both great illumination and extra ventilation to keep you cool when you're working up a sweat. However, a flush light can complement your workout best without risking getting clipped by a flying jumping jack or jump rope swing.

Pump Up the Cardio Beats

Bring in your sound system. Mounted surround-sound speakers are a great choice when designing a luxury home gym because you can feel the beat in your bones. Driving music is the best way to really get into cardio while feeling no pain. Whether you are lifting weights or dancing your socks off, a great audio system is essential to a great home gym.

Wiring surround sound is also easier than it sounds. All you need are 3-6 speakers, a roll of audio wire, and one head unit that will link to your phone or computer. Heck, three smart home speakers synced together will do the trick in a pinch.

Create A Private Meditation Space

A well-designed home gym can also make a perfect personal escape and meditation space. Many people benefit from starting each workout with softer music, softer lights, and a self-focusing ritual. Combine meditation with your stretching and/or yoga routine, and you will soon feel that your workout room is a truly special place where you can fully connect with your body in perfect harmony - and privacy.

Give yourself a small table for incense, candles, and small meaningful items. Place a yoga mat or meditation rug in front of this table and tap into your ancient roots. This can also be a space where you come to calm down, escape from daily stress, and even wind down before bed.

Decorate for You

The best part about creating a fabulous home gym is that it is entirely for you. You can paint the walls any color that pleases you. You can bring in plants -or not - by your own preference. Hang tapestries on the wall that inspires you. Pick your favorite incense scents. Hang string lights or LED sculptures that make you feel energized and relaxed at the same time. Even exercise equipment is getting more visually appealing, try some colorful dumbbells to add color. This is your space, so make it your own.

The 10 Essential Rules for Creating a Home Gym

  • 1. Give Yourself Space
  • 2. Protect the Floor
  • 3. Focus on Functionality
  • 4. Facilitate Multiple Exercise Types
  • 5. Invest in high-quality exercise equipment for the Space
  • 6. Build a Storage Strategy
  • 7. Hang Mirrors to Check Your Form
  • 8. Get the Lighting Just Right, natural light is best
  • 9. Perfect Your Audioscape
  • 10. Take Pride and Ownership

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