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Get Inspired by Tokyo’s Minimalistic Aesthetic

Get Inspired by Tokyo’s Minimalistic Aesthetic

In Tokyo, living space is limited and precious, so it's no surprise that minimalism is a prominent style in this bustling city. With simple colors, geometric shapes, and strategically placed greenery, the look and feel of this style is simple to achieve.

Basic Principles

Above all, the guiding principle of minimalism is having fewer items of higher quality. Clean surfaces and sparse open shelves are the key to the minimalist look. 

Minimalist decor thrives in a simple color palette. Stark whites, charcoal grays, and pure blacks leave space for eye-catching pops of accent colors. A simple pendant centerpiece, or geometric chandelier will really stand out against the room's blank canvas.

Here are three basic looks that can serve as guides for this style:

The Classic Look

White walls and furniture are the foundation of the classic minimalist look. A few bright green plants in white or gold pots, some wall art, throw pillows, and a gold Luxe Chandelieror brass Transitional Pendant will complete the look.

The Darker Look

Including a dark accent wall with black or grey furniture can add visual interest while still keeping the minimalist principles in mind. By having the classic look in the larger living spaces, and the darker look in smaller spaces, you can have it both ways. A black Mid-Century Modern Pendant would sit nicely above a platform bed or simple dining set. Hang a black-framed mirror to give an open feel.

The Bold Look

The latest trend in minimalist decor is displaying an accent wall with a large pattern full of vibrant colors. Oversized florals work well, but the possibilities are endless. The hexagon pattern of this black Industrial Chandelier can echo hexagon wall shelves full of gold and white odd and ends. For another geometric option, this circular black and bronze Industrial Chandelier can also be a nice addition to a colorful room.

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