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Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

If you are looking to add more light to your kitchen, there are several new trends you can try that will compliment your kitchen's design. Trying new lighting trends will help you put the spotlight on your kitchen to enhance the kitchen's beautiful features. Here are five lighting trends that will help light up one of the most important rooms in your home.

Zone Lighting

Today's modern kitchen looks best with pendant fixtures above the bar and recessed lighting that is separated into zones. These zones can be adjusted according to the use and style of the kitchen, and they provide better light over each zone. 

Showcase Lighting

Light fixtures can be installed inside of glass-front cabinets to better showcase the glasses or dishes inside. This popular lighting trend for kitchens help keep the room well-lit while also providing an elegant look. These lights are also great for under cabinets to spotlight granite countertops or to show off stemware and other glasses.

Antique-Finished Chandeliers

Chandeliers with an antique silver or gold finish are making their way back into the kitchen. This stunning piece of lighting can be the centerpiece of any kitchen, especially with the right decor to match. Chandeliers put off enough lighting for the entire room, and the fixture provides an elegant alternative to traditional lighting.

Decorative Pendants

Decorative pendants that match the cabinetry and countertops can enhance the open layout of a kitchen. There are several styles, colors, and finishes to choose from to compliment your kitchen. 

Fixtures That Make a Statement

Don't be afraid to be bold with your kitchen lighting. Oversized fixtures are a growing trend for kitchens, and they provide an ample amount of light. Artistic pieces also flow great in modern kitchens and will act as a conversation piece for guests.

If your looking to replace or add new lighting to your kitchen area or just want to learn about more kitchen lighting trends, please contact us today! 

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