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What You Need to Know About Modern Urban Bedrooms

What You Need to Know About Modern Urban Bedrooms

Modern Urban style is the perfect design choice for any city-dweller. The Modern Urban style is characterized by a mixture of contemporary, modern, and industrial design elements. The style often uses dramatic architectural elements of the space, incorporated with light and airy designs and color palettes.

Bedrooms should be places of calm and serenity. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to convey these feelings within a Modern Urban design. To convey calmness and serenity broadly throughout the room, begin with a lilac gray for the base wall color. It's warmer than other grays, gender-neutral, and subtle, yet refreshing because of its uniqueness compared to other neutral-colored options. Or, opt for a mist wall color. Mist is a combination of muted pastel greens and blues with gray and lilac undertones in a chalky finish.

Include soft, relaxed feature furniture, like the bed. This will allow for more industrial design elements in the room without making it feel too mechanical or institutional. Lighting fixtures could aim to compliment either the industrial feel or the softer, more relaxed, contemporary feel. A larger-scaled, industrial pendant light could offer a focused light of sight displaying the convergence of contemporary comfort and strong industrial pieces. In contrast, the design could create a blended line of softer, contemporary design with a minimal, yet sculptural pendant light.

Create warmth through using bedding, rugs, and accessories that have a tonal texture. Implement rugs and carpets made of natural materials to offer more organic and textural elements. Choose warm-colored flooring instead of white, gray, or wood options. Using petite stools and small side chairs in deep blue or green tones, adds richness, depth, and an injection of color to the design. It also contrasts beautifully with the soft, comfortable feeling of the feature furniture. Finally, adding plants and botanical touches, as well as natural, neutral-colored throws and pillows add an organic feel which will both complement the contemporary styles in the room as well as contrast nicely with the stern industrial elements.

To keep your focus on the characteristics of the Modern Urban design style, you'll want to avoid some design elements. These include sculptural decorative trims, tassels, bed skirts, and gender-specific décor. Further, avoid a cluttered feeling by minimizing the number of decorations and accessories you add to your design. Ensure that items are functional and purposeful, as well as unique in design.

Follow these Modern Urban design suggestions and your design plan will come together easily. To talk more about this, or anything else, please Contact Us

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