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Kitchen Lighting Trends for 2019

Kitchen Lighting Trends for 2019

No other room in the home is likely to make or break the overall impression of a home than the kitchen area. Whether a homeowner is remodeling for their own purposes or whether they want to update the area for prospective home buyers, any extra attention paid to the kitchen area is well worth the effort.

Lighting - More is Better

The right lighting of course, plays a huge role in the kitchen area.  When there is ample natural light, a kitchen area will appear fresh and spacious. When there is little natural light, the kitchen area has a closed-in, gloomy appearance. Some kitchen remodeling projects may require the addition of strategically placed windows in the kitchen area to bring in sufficient natural light. This extra effort will pay off beautifully when the additional sunlight highlights all the gorgeous new features of a kitchen remodel. 

What's Your Style?

There are so many gorgeous styles to choose from, but some of them really stand out when applied to a kitchen remodeling project. Edison pendant lighting looks gorgeous in a industrial décor kitchen. Even well-placed small chandeliers have a place in the kitchen area -- adding just a touch of discrete glam to an otherwise more practical space. Depending upon a homeowner's personal style, lighting fixtures with exposed wires offer a fabulous look, along with steel or bronze materials, or fixtures with delicate-looking glass.

Of course, there are practical considerations to accommodate when selecting the perfect lighting additions for the kitchen. Many food preparation tasks require precise eye and hand coordination, meaning sufficient illumination in key areas is a must. Recessed lighting is a very popular option for all types of décor styles and they help provide illumination throughout an entire kitchen. The addition of lighting strips near ceiling cabinets is becoming very popular, as is placing lighting features near the floor, directly underneath cabinets. Both of these types of lights offer a soft glow during the evening hours, giving homeowners an additional alternative beyond turning on brighter overhead lights when they need to enter the kitchen.


Whatever your style, we can help you design an entire lighting package for your kitchen or find that one piece that will perfectly complete your kitchen remodel. Questions? Contact us!

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