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Design Like a New Yorker with These 6 Trends!

Design Like a New Yorker with These 6 Trends!

New York City is a major influence on all things style! It also happens to be one of the regions having the most fun with its interior design trends. While New Yorkers are still embracing some minimalist elements, we are seeing a major shift from neutral, streamlined characteristics, to brighter colors, deeper, richer textiles, and natural components.

We're currently seeing a ton of street-art-inspired art in New York City rooms. And, designers are favoring cityscape or graffitied wall art and decorative items as well as bold, playful typography prints. Some designers are pulling influence from the natural beauty of agate stones. Additionally, the decor is featuring hyperrealism and textured wall murals. This is one part of interior design where the resident can really represent their personal style and find their true voice.  

Lighting fixtures are moving from minimalist and industrial styles to a more vintage modern feel. The new trend is utilizing wall sconces, lamps, and halo chandeliers. Decorators are seeking a more elegant, proportional appearance instead of the oversized lighting fixtures that were recently being used as focal points. Trending choices also feature sculptural lines and shapes. Trending choices also feature sculptural lines and shapes.

We're seeing black marble in many New York City surfaces this year. Low coffee tables and countertops are starring the dark, natural rock. While open and wall mounted shelving has been trending, we're noticing more wood and glass shelves. Cabinets are getting a contemporary facelift by painting them in bold colors. And, pewter or gunmetal-hardware for drawers and cabinets are being used. Additionally, matte black kitchen and bathroom fixtures are currently popular.

Interior designers are thinking especially outside-the-box this year with walls! Warm colors, like "living coral," and dark, rich colors like forest greens are highlighted. Some designers are opting for monochromatic rooms between main and accent colors. Others are experimenting with textured walls, made even more striking by adding a complementary or contrasting color of paint over the texture. In contrast, other color trends include Earth tones like sand, ochre, burnt gold, and terracotta.

Contrasting to the bright, bold trends in design, furniture is taking a more traditional turn. Designers are using pieces with elements like roll arms, button tufting, channel tufting on beds, and velvet upholstery in deep, rich hues. And, kitchen appliances are being noticed, coming in bold colors.

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