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Curb Appeal - Simple Changes Lead to a Big Impact

Curb Appeal - Simple Changes Lead to a Big Impact

Curb Appeal - Simple Changes Lead to a Big Impact


A home's exterior was once an afterthought for many homeowners as they focused all their decorating efforts on making the interior of their home look and feel comfortable for their lifestyle. Now with today's current trend toward focusing on the home, people are looking at their home's exterior even more for additional living and relaxation space. If you are a homeowner who wants to complete a remodeling project around your home's exterior, selecting the right lighting features can go a long way to building exactly the type of living space to fulfill your vision.

Useful And Attractive

Lighting up areas around a home's exterior doesn't necessarily mean using lighting fixtures that serve an essential purpose, but whose looks leave something to be desired. Lighting manufacturers have come a long way in recent years and now instill as much beauty and style in their exterior lighting options as they once did only with interior pieces. This means homeowners can extend their decorating style to the outdoors, whether they prefer an industrial look, contemporary, modern farmhouse, coastal, traditional craftsman, or even glam. 

Depending upon the style of one's home, there are many outdoor living spaces that can benefit from attractive lighting fixtures. Homeowners who enjoy a craftsman-style home may want to add some decorative lighting fixtures to porch spaces, so they can enjoy an evening outdoors waving to and chatting with neighbors. Others might want to add some modern outdoor lighting fixtures to highlight a pool, an outdoor fountain area, or an area of attractive landscaping.

As more people spend time outdoors, they're also building outdoor kitchen areas which are just as beautiful and functional as indoor kitchens. By layering lighting fixtures for an outdoor kitchen, cooks can have sufficient illumination to safely prepare meals, and diners can find the relaxation they are looking for at the end of the day. 

Layered Lighting

Just as with a home's interior, layered lighting also works very well for exterior spaces. Depending upon the remodeling project, homeowners may want to add ceiling lights for a porch or outdoor patio, then add additional layers of lighting on nearby walls and perhaps some post lighting as well. Ground lighting can highlight features around the home such as a pool or outdoor landscaping. With today's lighting options, homeowners can add popular options such as pendant lights to highlight an area where family members congregate after a long day. For those that want to go all out and add a "wow" factor to their outdoor living space, small chandeliers can bring a dramatic fairy-tale look to the outdoors, impressing both guests as well as family members, who may be encouraged to go glamping in their own backyard. 

Safety and Security 

Exterior lighting fixtures can serve a practical purpose as well. Adding security lights in strategic areas will allow both homeowners and guests to safely make their way into a home without stumbling. Spending more time outdoors also means more lighting is needed for activities such as a late-night swim, or an evening with friends around an outdoor fire.

Neighbors in the community also appreciate exterior lighting features such as post lighting when they are out for an evening stroll throughout the neighborhood.  Of course, outdoor lighting fixtures can also provide a layer of real security by discouraging thieves and other unwanted "guests" such as local wildlife.

Whether you are completing a remodeling project for your home's exterior or simply want to add an additional layer of protection around your home with security lighting, we can help! Please contact us today for a personal consultation with one of our lighting design experts.

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