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7 Modern Ways to Design a Futuristic Bathroom

7 Modern Ways to Design a Futuristic Bathroom

7 Modern Ways to Design a Futuristic Bathroom


If there was ever a room in the house that could use upgrading, it's the bathroom. Bathroom designs are basic by necessity; it's important for every surface and fixture to be water-resistant and designed for an efficient self-care routine within. However, basic bathrooms also hide just how much we could improve with a few modern upgrades. Between clever lighting and strategically placed heating elements, you can use modern trends to create a truly futuristic bathroom.

Each convenience we have imagined in futurist fiction is now easily achieved with just a little installation and alteration on a surface level. Consider new bathroom light fixtures and a few clever amenities and experience the difference. The bathroom of the future is remarkably easy to design. 


Recessed Mood Lighting and Nightlight

One thing we'd all like to do is turn the lights down in the bathroom. Brilliant white light is great for cleaning and self-care, but sometimes you just want to relax in the bath. Mood lighting is something any bathroom could have, and beautifully with the right design Use recesses, shelves, and medicine cabinets to create indirect and back-lit illumination. You can also use recessed lights as a bathroom nightlight for the family that is always both elegant and useful.


Fading Vanity Lights

Vanity lights are great for their intended purpose, but it would be nice to turn them down. Adding a fader to your vanity lights is a quick and simple way to bring down the light levels without fully shutting off your bathroom lights. This is a quick and simple upgrade to your lighting that can significantly change your modern bathroom experience.


Radiant Heaters and Warm Towel Racks

When designing a modern bathroom, consider where you can place subtle sources of heat. Radiant heaters are now more efficient than heat lamps, and are perfect for heating your shower and drying-off space to prevent shivers out of the bath. Some people install radiant-heating floors with electric or heated liquid systems. You can even buy electric towel racks that will warm your towels before you use them, and add a little heat to the bathroom.


Colorful Smart-Home Lighting

One of the best and most futuristic upgrades available is smart-home integration. Replace your normal light bulbs with smart bulbs and use wifi controllers for strip lights. Colored smart lights can mimic normal lights or glow in any color you select. They can be voice-controlled so you can turn down the lights from the bath and are dimmable for the perfect bathroom mood lighting. Smart bulbs also fit into any fixture, so you can install whatever light fixtures you like best and then make the smart upgrade easily.


Strip Lights Along the Ceiling

For a space-ship look, make use of strip lighting; LEDs on flexible strips that can be affixed to smooth surfaces. Add a ring of strip-lights to the ceiling or just behind the lip of your cabinetry for a cool, linear lighting look. This will make your bathroom feel more like a sci-fi set and give it a nice source of indirect light.


New Shelves and Hidden Shelf Lights

Most bathrooms could use a little more available storage. Installing new shelves in out-of-the-way spaces is often the best way to go. You can enhance any shelves in the bathroom by hiding recessed lights just above and below. This lights each of your shelves clearly without creating much extra light in the bathroom itself. 


Medicine Cabinet Light

If your bathroom has a medicine cabinet, create a small light for the interior. This is a great way to make your bathroom useful in dim evening light and pleasantly surprise your guests looking for toothpaste. Medicine cabinet lights are a pleasant way to bring illumination to a useful but traditionally shadowy space.


Here at Urban Ambiance, we specialize in modernizing lighting in any home design. From remodeling your entire home to upgrading your home to the 21st century. Contact us for the light fixtures and pro tips you need to make your home's lighting achieve your vision of a perfect house.

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