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Don't Stop at the Mantle- Add Cheer to your Home this Holiday Season

Don't Stop at the Mantle- Add Cheer to your Home this Holiday Season

Don't Stop at the Mantle- Add Cheer to your Home this Holiday Season


Holiday decorating has come a long way in recent years and now there are ideas and decorations for just about every part of the home, both inside as well as outside. The great part about having so many options is that homeowners can decorate and personalize the rooms and areas most meaningful to them. Whether they want to focus on spreading holiday cheer throughout the neighborhood, or create a cozy space in their bedroom to wake up to on Christmas morning, holiday decorating is limited only by one's imagination.

First Impressions 

First impressions always start with a home's exterior. Whether homeowners want to set the tone for the holiday season as they enter their home, or if they want to spread holiday cheer throughout their neighborhood, the entrance to a home is the place to start. Lighted miniature Christmas trees on either side of the front door, send a warm and inviting message to passersby, as well as visitors. A wreath that complements the trees is another classic decoration that helps to set the mood for the holidays. Of course, it's important to have the right outdoor lighting so family members and visitors can safely find their way into the home, and so that exterior decorations receive sufficient illumination during the evening.

The Foyer and Staircase

Foyers and staircases are both great places to make a big impact during the holiday season. The golden glow from a foyer chandelier or other overhead lighting can highlight a miniature Christmas tree shimmering with metallic branches and/or glittering decorations. Wrapping empty boxes in Christmas paper and setting them under the tree, is an easy and inexpensive way to add some festive cheer. Staircase railings can be wrapped in garland and/or ribbon to match one's color theme, whether homeowners choose the classic Christmas reds and greens, or alternative colors such as a soft blue, gold, and silver. Staircase railings are also ideal for hanging ornaments, and stair treads are a great place for showing off larger holiday decorations.


Adding additional soft lighting in the bedroom, along with other cozy items such as extra-soft holiday blankets, holiday pillows and even holiday duvet covers and sheets can help create a festive mood. Inexpensive electric or battery-operated candles in every window give off a soft glow, as well as a holiday tray filled with candles. Adding wall sconces around the bed can create a cozy mood for breakfast in bed on Christmas morning. To make a bedroom feel even more festive, replace every-day dresser decor with centerpieces of garland, miniature holiday lights, and/or a bowl filled with silver and gold round Christmas bulb decorations.


A bathroom can easily be turned into a festive room by adding extra-plush holiday guest towels and rugs, some holiday soaps, and perhaps a tray of candles. Depending upon the room's every-day decor, wall hangings can be temporarily replaced with holiday photos or pictures. Hanging miniature lights and/or garland in strategic places can also make a bathroom feel festive.

The Kitchen and Family Area 

Last but not least, the kitchen and family room where most families congregate, are the ideal locations for adding some holiday cheer. Adding beautiful light fixtures over a dining table or kitchen island, or wall sconces in the family room can help provide a soft glow on a chilly winter's night, setting the tone for a cozy evening.

Other touches include simmering some apple cider and spices on the range to make the kitchen area smell festive, setting out a bowl of orange-clove pomanders, and of course, having a tray filled with aromatic Christmas cookies, fudge, and other sweet treats available for snacking.

For the family area, adding some holiday-themed pillows, blankets, plush rugs or faux fur rugs can help a family room feel more cozy, as well as strategically placed ensembles of artificial pine cones, garland, LED candles, and miniature ornaments. 

There is no right or wrong way to decorate a home for the holidays. Whatever helps a family feel like the holidays are a special time is the ideal way to decorate. If you'd like more tips on how to illuminate those special family memories throughout the holiday season, please contact us!

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