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Europe's Art Deco Movement Still Influences Today's Lighting Trends

Europe's Art Deco Movement Still Influences Today's Lighting Trends

Europe's Art Deco Movement Still Influences Today's Lighting Trends


The Art Deco era saw its debut in Europe at a time when optimism ruled and the future looked modern and bright. The distinctive and futuristic style was met with enthusiasm when introduced at the 1925 Parisian Exposition.

The movement was characterized by abstract and bold designs often featuring elements and artistic themes from past or exotic civilizations. Though the popularity of Art Deco styles died out by the late 1930s, it is still a coveted choice in many modern home decors. Urban Ambiance carries a full line of beautiful Art Deco lighting sure to complement any design choice.

Characteristics of Art Deco Lighting

Art Deco lighting is as sleek as it is whimsical combining polished chrome and bronze bases with fun, angular designs and interesting silhouettes. The clean lines and often dramatic, geometric shapes celebrate the style's start in an era of promising modern sophistication. Art Deco lighting uses repetition of its elements to emphasize detail sometimes resulting in a pleasant, highly ornamental look.

The addition of classic Art Deco light fixtures is a simple way to include a touch of glamour to any home. From elegant chandeliers to decorative wall sconces, it is a timeless lighting style with an intriguing sense of playfulness. Urban Ambiance's cool collection of Art Deco-inspired lighting is sure to please even the most discerning lover of this architectural treasure.

Types of Art Deco Lighting

No matter how you decide to style or refresh your home decor, choosing Art Deco lighting accents can enhance the overall look of your room. Give your home a one-of-a-kind, Old Hollywood flair with a well-chosen lamp or ceiling light. Here are some types of Art Deco fixtures you can select to give any room unique character and a bit of pizzazz:

  • Chandeliers — No modern interior is complete without an eye-catching chandelier to light up the room. Art Deco-style chandeliers from Urban Ambiance's Genoa Collection are as beautiful as they are functional.
  • Ceiling Lights — Flush or semi-flush mount ceiling lights can provide just the right touch of Art Deco inspiration you need. With a variety of brushed finishes and shade options, it is certain to compliment any home decor.
  • Post/Pier Light — Illuminate your way with Art Deco post/pier lights. These guiding beacons from Urban Ambiance's Chesterfield collection are as practical as they are artful.
  • Wall Lights — Welcome family and guests with inviting Art Deco entranceway wall lights.  Wall sconces provide a warm, vintage glow on porches or portals, and entrance columns.

Decorating With Art Deco

Art Deco design is an intriguing combination of formal elements with just enough flamboyant charm to make it interesting. The playful style has strong ties to geometric shapes featuring bold colors and metallic-like accents. Streamlined, no-frills furniture, usually large in scale, are often made of unusual and exotic woods. Elegant, silky fabrics along with eye-catching art and sculptures add distinct Art Deco drama to any room.

Your choice of lighting also plays an important role in Art Deco-themed decor. Etched or enameled glass with chrome or copper finishes provide the perfect retro, vintage look common in the style. Art Deco lighting is meant to create a sophisticated and subtle illumination of the room. The atmospheric quality of the lighting along with its fashionable design keeps the trend popular in modern homes today.

Urban Ambiance is your comprehensive source of high-quality outdoor and interior luxury lighting. We are known for our exceptional customer service and for offering only the best products in the lighting industry. Our carefully-curated brands are sure to inspire no matter how you choose to style your home.

We believe in giving back to the community. That is why we partner with Habitat for Humanity donating a percentage of our profits to those in need. Let us know how we can help you bring an Art Deco flair into your home with classic

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