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Craftsman Outdoor Lighting Adds Charm to Your Home

Craftsman Outdoor Lighting Adds Charm to Your Home

Are you thinking about adding outdoor lighting to your landscape, or maybe updating your old lighting? Consider combining the old world feel and the bold geometric designs of the craftsman style to create unique outdoor lighting for your home.



The craftsman style started in the late 19th century and is still popular to this day because it features handcrafted accents and warm harmony throughout the home. The style was the opposite of the ornate Victorian era and the craftsman functional elements reflected the desire to create a welcoming, homey aesthetic. 

Ceilings were lowered, post and beam architecture was exposed, and warmer dark woods were incorporated into the structure of each room. Lighting is an essential element of this style because the warmly lit windows and porches are meant to draw the eye and cast a welcoming illumination.

Warm Lighting

Incorporating the ageless beauty of craftsman style into your outdoor lighting adds interest and charm to your house. 

Urban Ambiance's outdoor light collections have water glass that creates a warm aura of light in the craftsman style in both wall lights and posts. Complete the look with a harmonizing pendant light hanging above the front door which is a hallmark of this style.

Unique Glass

Unique glass epitomizes craftsman lighting and three popular choices are seeded glass, beveled glass, and hammered glass. These specialty glasses gently disperse light and add visual interest to the light fixture.

Seeded glass with bronze and natural black wrought iron frames are staples of the craftsman look. This wall light features a scroll top that resembles an antique hanging lantern.

The artistry of beveled glass in this outdoor post scatters light in a unique pattern across your front lawn showcasing good looks with a pragmatic design.

The hammered glass in this wall light combines the cube structure of industrial design with the simplicity of the craftsman style.


The craftsman style has grown in popularity for its clean, simple lines and geometric shapes. It harkens back to a time when homes were simpler and more economical. 

Your outdoor lighting choices are numerous and if you would like help incorporating craftsman style into your design, contact us at Urban Ambiance to learn more about our large selection of high-quality craftsman lights.

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