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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Indoor Pendant

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Indoor Pendant

We're always on the lookout for strong accent pieces for the home. Pendant lights are perfect for that! They're easy to add to the overall style of your home decor and can be utilized in any type of room. Here are some tips to help choose your next pendant light.

Consider Your Style

Modern home decor is all about continuity throughout the home. Each room should piece together to help create the overall style of your home and your lighting needs to reflect that. For farmhouse styles, think bohemian glass or maybe something with a charcoal finish. Love all things contemporary? Polished chrome is the finish you want. We even have vintage styles for a cozier atmosphere. Whatever style you prefer, adding a pendant light to match that will give your home decor the finishing touch it needs.

Consider the Size

Pendant lights are wonderful because they come in many different shapes and sizes and can be accommodated in any room. But be sure to keep the room in mind, first and foremost. You may have your heart set on a large domed pendant but if the space you need it in is smaller, e.g. in an entryway or above the kitchen sink, then it may not be the perfect one; something smaller would be a better fit.

Be Practical

Don't forget that you ultimately need a pendant light for one thing: more light in your room. Be sure that whatever pendant you choose for your indoor space will provide the room with as much light as you need it to. Fixtures with crystal accents will give off more bright light than pieces with a seeded glass shade. Think about the type of lighting your space needs before you go shopping and you will be much happier in the long run!

Choosing new light fixtures is a fun and exciting way to spruce up any room while complimenting your existing style. Follow these tips for a stress-free experience and check out our website for ideas and inspiration. Contact us today for help choosing your next indoor pendant lights.

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