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Distinctive Nautical Lighting for Your Home’s Exterior and Interior Spaces

Distinctive Nautical Lighting for Your Home’s Exterior and Interior Spaces

If you love nautical or coastal decor based on natural-looking elements that fit well in both formal and casual settings, then you'll also want your lighting to coordinate with that style. When decorating, you should consider your exterior lights as well as your interior ones to bring the nautical look together outside and inside your home.

Exterior Nautical Posts and Wall Light

For a fabulous way to light the path to your front door, place several posts on each side of your walkway. Instead of small ones that you often see in front of homes, make a distinctive choice and go with a medium-sized design instead. One great idea is to opt for posts that have a gorgeous black sand finish, with one light encased behind seeded glass, and the circular glass feature enclosed within a cage design. Then next to your front door, have a matching wall light installed to illuminate the porch. Go with the same cage design and seeded glass as the posts for a nautical look that everyone will love.

Interior Nautical Lighting

Continue the nautical lighting inside with beautiful choices for your dining room and kitchen. In the dining room, select a nautical chandelier to hang over the table. An excellent option is one with multiple exposed bulbs seated on a circular, royal bronze base with a wooden arch beneath in a walnut stain. Two support rods connect the chandelier to a center metal ring which hangs from a rod attached to the ceiling plate. In your kitchen, hang two or three nautical pendants over your kitchen island. Pendants in a brushed nickel finish make a chic choice. Select a gorgeous hooded design with acid etched glass where a domed light hangs below, and additional light glows from the center of the pendant for an extraordinary look.

For more information about lighting for your home, please contact us today. We can help you find the style of lights that will coordinate best with your home's exterior architecture and interior style.

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