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Bold Dining rooms

Bold Dining rooms

Add Drama to Your Dining Room

Dining rooms have come a long way in recent years, with the stiff formality of a table surrounded by matching chairs replaced with a beautiful, yet casual area designed to both meet the needs of family meals, and/or entertaining guests on the weekends. As with other rooms of the home, dining rooms don't have to be boring; they really are only limited by one's imagination.

Adding Conversation Pieces 

Those who do a lot of entertaining can spark conversation by placing some treasured art, a few books, or other artistic pieces throughout the room. Painting one wall of the dining area helps to highlight a great art piece or a decorative wall hanging. The dining room is a also great area to display collectibles found throughout a family's vacations. Homeowners can also add some drama simply by changing up the seating options surrounding their table. Depending upon the overall style of the room, homeowners might want to consider adding some bench seating or at least some mismatched chairs. If the dining area has a view to the outside, planting beautiful and unique foliage within sight lines is another way to add attractive features to the dining experience.

Going Bold with Color

Traditional dining rooms were often painted in somber colors such as brown, hunter green, or burgundy. While these added a more serious tone to the room, they didn't really create much drama or provide an uplifting feel. Homeowners who want to redo their dining room might want to consider adding key drama through paint colors such as a warm melon, a cool celery green, or a soft, whispery blue.

Lighting Matters

In the past, many homeowners simply placed a large, often times overbearing, chandelier in the dining area and considered its intense, focused lighting as sufficient. In reality, the lighting experienced by diners was often overwhelming and the rest of the dining room suffered from darkened corners. Today's dining rooms perform much better with more dispersed lighting that lights up all the features of the room. Wall sconces are great for highlighting areas such as food buffets or to highlight artwork on the wall. Recessed lighting helps to brighten up dark corners in the dining area, and a smaller chandelier or two can provide the "wow" factor that is so important in the dining area.

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