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Bohemian styles are trending for both fashion and home decor

Bohemian styles are trending for both fashion and home decor

Bring Modern Boho Style into Your Home


Bohemian styles are trending for both fashion and home decor. And it's no wonder! People are drawn to the effortlessly chic decor, made popular by coastal California. However, it can be difficult to channel this eclectic look in your home without it coming off as kitschy. Below are three tips you can use when designing a space in a modern boho style.


1) Layer with Patterns and Colors

If you love that "worn-in" boho look, you will want to add layers to your design. This means choosing a couple of main colors and adding plenty of accent colors and patterns. The best part is there's no limit to how many colors or patterns you should pick. You could start with bold vintage colors like mustard yellows or olive greens, or you could keep it neutral for a more updated look. Add in accent colors as you desire. For patterns, you should choose geometric or tribal designs and mix those in with your color scheme.


2) Keep It Modern with Great Lighting

To keep the room feeling bright and airy, you will want to make sure there is plenty of lighting. Most rooms need a combination of natural light, as well as artificial in the form of pendants, sconces, and ceiling lights. A gorgeous glass bohemian pendant light will brighten up your space and add visual interest.


3) Add Natural and Rustic Elements

To achieve a modern bohemian look you will want to combine multiple styles and add in natural elements. You can create a welcoming environment by including pieces made of wood, rattan or woven fabrics. To convey a rustic look, incorporate vintage finds as well as bronzed, copper or distressed furnishings. And don't forget about the lighting! Mixed materials (like wood and metal) in an updated style, like this urban chandelier, will join the whole design together.

Creating a space with a modern bohemian style is not as effortless as it looks, but with these tips and a creative eye, you can accomplish the task! If you are interested in finding the perfect lighting for your home, contact us today!


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