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Rustic or Industrial? Exploring Modern Farmhouse Trends

Rustic or Industrial? Exploring Modern Farmhouse Trends

Whether you are looking to revamp an already existing style or completely renovate a space, Urban Ambiance can help you personalize your home. An increasingly popular home style is the Modern Farmhouse - a mix of distressed wood and clean iron lines. While both options could mesh together, they can also be separately personalized to your tastes. Let's dig deeper into this trend to find what fits your style:

The Berkeley Collection

Designed with Berkeley, California in mind, the Berkeley Collection boasts a mix of rustic appearance and a modern-boxy form. With slick bronze lines and a charcoal finish, this collection screams industrial farmhouse. Illuminating your space with an industrialized ambiance, these lighting fixtures will crown any space in your home with detailed finishes. Artistically crafted, the exposed nature of the fixture seamlessly create a statement piece, wherever you choose to place it. With eight different variations within the collection, you are bound to find a statement piece for all of your community spaces. 

The Adelaide Collection

Truly farmhouse, this collection differs from the Berkeley Collection in the apparatus around the light bulb. Trading iron for wood, these lighting fixtures boast distressed wood, honoring the look of wine barrels from Adelaide, Australia. You will notice softer edges and rounded casings with a touch of galvanized steel. The fixtures take inspiration from outdoor string lights, a popular decor trend for evening wine tastings in Southern Australia. If you prefer lighter tones, this collection will electrify your senses. With over 15 fixtures to choose from, you will find that there are lighting options for every room in your home, including bathrooms. 

Regardless of which trend you prefer, you are bound to find exactly what fits your personality at Urban Ambiance. Because we know you care about your community as well, our company donates a portion of our sales to our partner, Habitat for Humanity, each quarter. Not only are we trend conscious, we are community conscious. Our mission statement emphasizes the importance of helping build new homes for the needy, and we know we are only as successful as the communities we serve. 

By picking Urban Ambiance, you are choosing to support both your design preference and your local community. Contact us today, and happy farmhouse hunting!

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