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Get Inspired by the Coastal Homes of San Francisco

Get Inspired by the Coastal Homes of San Francisco

Coastal Homes

If you want to create a more calming living space, look no further than the coasts of California for some inspiration. Coastal homes, for example, San Franciscan beach homes, serve as great inspiration, especially if you are drawn to minimalist spaces and are a fan of Jacques Cousteau. Regardless, with floor-to-ceiling windows and open-concept layouts, it's not hard to see how these features provide a relaxing oasis after a hectic day. By simply adding a few natural touches and ample lighting to a clutter-free space, you can recreate the effortless sophistication of a coastal home. 

Let the Light In

Coastal homes look spacious because they take advantage of the abundant natural light that enters. Take advantage of your natural light by painting your walls white or cream because it will allow the light to bounce around. Consider changing your curtains or blinds. Opt for neutral-toned drapes instead of dark-colored ones. These tips can help you create the illusion of space. 

If you do not have access to a lot of natural light, you can choose light fixtures framed in silver or gold. Not only will they bring in more light, but they will also add a touch of glamour.  

Ocean Inspired Knickknacks

Borrow from nature by introducing some shells, driftwood, or ocean inspired decor into your home. Adding some blue hues and stripes will evoke a relaxing beach side escape.  

Natural Finishes

No coastal home is complete without a few natural elements. Wood finishes, preferably not synthetics, will not only add texture but also will add a cozy feel to your space. If you choose to add wooden decor, be sure to use something versatile. 

However, if wooden features are not for you, you can use stone or steel. Stone or galvanized steel features are great alternatives, and they would tie in very well with the overall theme of the house.  

San Francisco's breezy and cozy style can be adapted to any home, even if it is not on the beach. Contact us about transforming your urban apartment into a coastal oasis!

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