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An Exploration into Victorian Style

An Exploration into Victorian Style

From television, to fashion, and now to lighting -- it seems the classic Victorian style is making a comeback. And we couldn't be more excited!

The Victorians embraced simplicity and seriousness, using straight lines and sturdy structures to prove their virtues were just as sturdy. Today, however, the style reflects more of a shift from classic Americana to something more toned down. 

Ready to begin your Victorian journey? So are we! To help, we created some styles to help draw inspiration. 

Studied Scientist

You may not be experimenting with questionable formulas, but we bet you're still concocting something interesting your kitchen! This Vintage Pendant Light will add sophistication to your bar that a Victorian scientist would surely be proud to experience. Add in a couple of your favorite cookbooks, a jar of pickles, and a jar of olive oil to help add to the whimsy. You can continue this look into the dining room with this Industrial Chandelier. Just make sure to replace any beakers with water glasses before your guests arrive!

Victorian Pastoral

A darker take on the French countryside style is the Victorian pastoral. We suggest ceiling lights or wall lamps to create a cozy space. This caged-in Industrial Ceiling Light will help set the mood for your pastoral living room. Add in single-colored throw pillows with tufted edges, a gas lamp, and a classic birdcage to continue this look. Perfect for highlighting a fireplace mantle or bookcase, we suggest this Vintage-Inspired Wall Light.

Traditional Gothic

If you're looking for drama, then you might be interested in the Gothic style. While the Victorian age was about purity in form, the Gothic emerged as a way to contest it with harsh edges and beguiling curves. For a den or entry way, you may find this Vintage-Inspired Ceiling Light would set the tone perfectly. Pair it with white wall accents and a bold globe of the world to show off your curiosity. To show off a bit more, this Vintage-Inspired Chandelier is perfect when lighting your leather-bound seating area. 

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