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Industrial-Inspired Lighting for Various Rooms in Your Home

Industrial-Inspired Lighting for Various Rooms in Your Home

If you love an industrial look for your home, you'll want to select lighting that reflects that style so your fixtures won't detract from the rest of your decor. Lighting fixtures made from metal materials, created with a modern flair, have become a favorite aesthetic for fans of industrial interior design because such features give rooms a genuinely chic appearance.

Central Living Area – You'll want to make a grand impression in the central part of your home. One great option is to select a chandelier with a design that includes multiple intersecting rods with a thin, oblong bulb on one end of each rod. This starburst-like design, suspended from a slender central rod, comes finished in brushed nickel for a fabulous industrial look that everyone will love.

Formal Dining Space – You'll want another fabulous chandelier in your dining room. Choose one that's sure to put all of your guests in awe, such as a fixture with an aged pipe linear design that spans the length of the table. Its steel construction and antique black finish will highlight your industrial-inspired decor and add a unique look to your space. Choose a design with clear glass shades shaped like mason jars, with an etched floral pattern in the glass, for a look that will become a conversation piece in your home.

Kitchen Island – You'll need two or three pendants over your kitchen island to provide the best lighting and appearance. To infuse an industrial design into your kitchen while keeping the area looking open, opt for a steel rod fixture shaped like a square suspended from a thin central rod. Within that square is another rod in the shape of a circle and within the circle is one upright bulb right in the middle. These types of lighting fixtures, finished in bronze, will add elegance and a trendy look to your kitchen.

Bathroom – You can also opt for pendants in your bathroom, instead of a typical over-the-vanity lighting fixture. Choose a cage design with an open-wire shade hanging from hardware in a gorgeous bronze finish. This look defines the epitome of industrial decor. Position these pendants on either side of a vanity with a single sink. If your bathroom has dual sinks, add a third pendant in the middle.

Many remarkable lighting fixtures are available these days for your home. For more information about industrial-inspired fixtures or lighting for any style of decor, please contact us today.

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