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Setting the Right Tone with Living Room Lighting

Setting the Right Tone with Living Room Lighting

The living room is typically the most-used area of a home and must perform a variety of functions for family members, including entertaining guests, providing a quiet space for reading, or perhaps providing a comfortable space where the entire family gathers for an evening of movies or relaxing in front of the fireplace.  With all the various activities that occur in this area, along with the larger square footage typically seen in most living rooms, homeowners are sometimes challenged when deciding how to set the mood or tone they would like, while still fulfilling a living room's more practical functions.  The good news is that selecting the right lighting fixtures is often one of the key factors that pulls every design aspect together, providing the essential cohesiveness that homeowners desire.

Envision Function and Purpose  

Of course, every homeowner has a vision of the design scheme they would like to use, whether it is an industrial look, rustic, colonial or perhaps something else.  However, homeowners must first consider all the functions and purposes they expect their living room to fulfill.  Is it primarily an area for throwing parties and wowing guests, or is it a family gathering place where household members come to congregate during the evening? What kind of tasks are family members going to do while in the room?  Consider all the things family members enjoy doing such as reading, knitting, or working on a computer.  All these various activities play a huge role in determining what kind of lighting fixtures will perform the best.

Adding the Style 

Once you know the main functions you expect from your living area, then you can start adding the style.  If you want to add a "wow" factor to the living area, consider multiple chandeliers for some serious drama, or add strategically positioned track lighting that highlights a beautiful art collection or a magnificent stone fireplace.  To make specific areas more cozy, add some table lamps that provide a soft, relaxing glow.  A group of strategically placed pendants lights or wall sconces can provide just the right amount of light for activities like reading or knitting, while still adding to the decorative tone of the room.

Don't be afraid to mix up your illumination styles either, with your overall decor.  A mix of lamp styles can provide additional visual interest, more so than a series of lamps that are identical to each other.  Other surprising combinations include adding crystal chandeliers to an industrial living room, often adding just the right amount of softness, thereby making the living area appear warm and inviting.  

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