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A Statement Piece in Every Room: Lighting that Adds Design Value to your Home

A Statement Piece in Every Room: Lighting that Adds Design Value to your Home

If you are planning new light fixtures, no doubt you've already seen the surge of popularity in 2022 of both sculptural lights and statement light fixtures in every room of the home. Whether you're renovating your kitchen, outdoor patio, or upstairs playroom, there is a perfect statement light fixture for the space.

Here at Urban Ambiance, we make it possible to find special light fixtures for every room and design. Today, we're exploring ten beautiful ways to use light fixtures as statement pieces in every room of the house.


1) Organic Branching Chandelier over the Dining Table

The original statement light fixture starts in the dining room. Tradition suggests a chandelier with flickering electric candles and dripping in crystal, but why go for the opulent classics when you can find inspiring new fixtures to catch the eye and delight your dinner guests. Our favorite dining room statement chandelier trend takes design in the organic direction.

With twining chandelier arms that mimic the curve of roots or tree branches, your dining room chandelier can float as a statement piece above the table. Enjoy modern lighting with a twist of natural beauty and the elegant minimalism only achieved by recreating nature.


2) Statement Ceiling Fans on the Deck

Installing lighting for your outdoor living space is always a choice of both form and function. The best patio statement lighting is a ceiling fan that is both beautiful and keeps those summer nights comfortable. 

Explore a wide selection of artistic lighted ceiling fans ranging from industrial sleek to wood-grained or even wicker-bladed bohemian. Your outdoor living style should be the determiner of the perfect statement ceiling fan for your deck, patio, or covered porch décor.


3) Stunning Crystal Entryway Lighting

Where do you really want the clearest light in the house? It's the entryway, where friends and family come and go. This is why we love the growing trend of crystal chandeliers or crystal pendant lights as statement lighting in entryways and front halls.

Crystalline chandeliers and pendants have a special way of refracting light again and again, making your entryway glimmer with a brilliant and welcoming energy. With modern bulbs, you can also take control and dim the lights for a softer evening welcome (or nighttime goodbyes) and even change the color of light that dances through the crystal fixtures.


4) Airy Cloud Lights or Lanterns in the Kid's Rooms

Kid's rooms are one of the best places for statement light fixtures that inspire imagination. One especially fun trend is to paint your child's ceiling blue and cloudy (or dark and swirling with stars) and then hang airy light fixtures to create an upper atmosphere in the room.

Cloud lights are rising in popularity, fluffy and glowing with color on the inside, while floating lanterns can be any shape, size, or color your child desires. Choose lights that look like clouds, like spaceships and UFOs, or glowing lanterns in the sky to make any kids' room more fun and beautifully lit.


5) Vivid Pendants in the Stairwell

The stairwell is a great place for long statement pendants that catch your eye all the way up to the ceiling. Multi-length pendant clusters work well in switch-back stairwells where the stairs will wrap the pendants as you walk up. Choose vivid colors and elongated vertical shapes for your pendants. Long trumpets offer a modern twist to this design, while twining vines take it in a more bohemian direction.


6) Metallic Cage or Industrial Chandeliers in the Kitchen

Cage chandeliers are taking both rustic and industrial-style lighting by storm. A cage chandelier frames a large empty space with geometric metal "cages". Cast iron and dark bronze create a rustic farmhouse feel reminiscent of lantern frames, while bright polished brass and copper cage chandeliers inspire brilliant industrial designs. Both are hugely popular for lighting in the kitchen

Illuminate your island or breakfast table with a statement chandelier for either a farmhouse or industrial splash that catches the eye without actually taking up a lot of visual air space. The UEX2045 Lux Industrial Chandelier (pictured) is a fun way to bring the metallic industrial look into your kitchen space.


7) Sculptural Floor Lamps in the Great Room

Of course, statement light fixtures don't have to be installed in the ceiling, alone. There have been decades where a beautiful sculptural floor lamp was the height of fashion -and that time is coming back. Today, both bohemian and industrial styles are embracing sculptural light fixtures at any angle and from any surface.

If you see a floor lamp curling up from the ground like a weaving vine or a stunning piece of industrial art that happens to include light bulbs, this could be the perfect addition to the seating area of your great room. Nestle the sculptural floor lamp in a corner of your seating circle where adjacent large furniture creates a dead space and see how the balance of the room transforms. Not to mention, sculptural floor lamps make great conversation starters.


8) Industrial Sconces Define the Hallway

Some rooms are better lit from wall sconces, and interior hallways are often among them. Embrace the simple elegance of industrial metal finishes with statement industrial wall sconces along your hallway. Many homes have one or more narrow interior hallways leading to bedrooms, utility closets, and private bathrooms. Make this hallway welcoming instead of gloomy and foreboding by using the light fixtures themselves as statement pieces to brighten the walk and add style to literally every corner of your home.


9) Wood and Woven Pendants in the Workshop

Does your home have a DIY or handicraft workshop? Workshops are special places worthy of special statement lights. Not only do you need clear illumination to complete your projects to satisfaction, but the lighting can also be more fun and less formal in your private workshop space.

We love woven basket pendants made from wood,  wicker, rattan, or cane. These add a softer sense of craftiness to any space, bringing warmth to a garage workshop and personality to a workshop nestled in your spare room.


10) Semi-Flush Sculpture in the Home Office

If you're redecorating your home office, the right light fixture can really make the difference. Because focus is as important as good lighting, look for a semi-flush light fixture for your statement piece instead of a dripping chandelier or pendant. We especially like sculptural semi-flush statement lighting in home offices, giving you something elegant to look at when staring at the ceiling into your own thoughts without distracting from the simple elegance of your workflow.

A statement light fixture in your home office also makes this space feel both more official and more welcoming in design.


Bonus: LED Wall Signs are Taking the Night

Taking a peek at an entirely different type of statement lighting, we're also seeing a delightful rise in use of LED wall sculptures and signs - especially among younger decorators. Pick your favorite colors or combine with smart home controls for a fun glow on your walls instead of framed prints and photos.


Looking for the perfect statement light fixture for your next home design? You'll find almost everything you need at Urban Ambiance. Let our selection serve as an inspiration for how to make your home a more beautiful and well-lit place.

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