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A New Classic: Black Chandeliers

A New Classic: Black Chandeliers


When considering new lighting for your home, you want something that's practical, yet presentable. You want something classy, yet comfortable on the eyes. You want a lighting unit that really stands out and completes the atmosphere of the room. Could a black chandelier be what you're looking for? It might be! Let's check out some important facts and answer some questions you may have.

Black Chandeliers and Popular Interior Design Styles 

First, you may be wondering if a black chandelier is the right fit for the style of your home. After all, a chandelier can be amazing, but if it doesn't fit the design of its setting, it can throw off the feel of the entire room.

The great thing about black chandeliers is that they come in so many different styles, they can find a perfect place in nearly any setting.  Modern, Colonial, Rustic, Industrial, you name it! Black Chandeliers give the opportunity for eye-catching and attractive lighting, whatever the interior design of your room.

Types and Variations of Black Finishes

It's important to note that all black finishes are not the same. Some are glossy, some have a textured appearance, some black finishes are intentionally manipulated to look antique. In fact, we offer quite a variety of different black finishes, including:

  • Midnight Black
  • Antique Black
  • Weathered Black
  • Ash Black
  • Matte Black
  • Vintage Black
  • Natural Black
  • Black Silk
  • Speckled Black
  • Black Sand

There are many options to choose from! Although they are all classified as "black", each finish has its own unique look, and you're sure to find the right match for your room.

Styles of Chandeliers that Look Attractive in Black

So, now you know that black chandeliers come in a wide variety of styles, as well as a vast array of black finishes to choose from. But does black really "work" with all these styles?

Black is still somewhat rare in the world of luxury chandeliers, but it's on the rise. Why? Because it has a way of easily looking sophisticated in any style. It can be dramatic; it can be subtle. It can be elegant or spartan. The fact is, black can work with your room's design, and pull it off better than most colors at that. Urban, farmhouse, French, contemporary; see for yourself!

Sizing a Black Chandelier for the Room

If you're looking for a new black chandelier lighting unit, you may be wondering what size of chandelier is best for your room. One simple way to determine the best size of chandelier is by finding the dimensions of your room and adding the length and width together.

For instance, if your room is 14' X 16', you will add the 14 and 16, which equals 30. Then you'll turn that 30 into inches rather than feet. The proper size of chandelier for that room would be one with a diameter of 30 inches.

If your room is long and narrow, you may want to cut the length configuration in half and install one smaller chandelier on each side. In the case of a room that is 10' X 20', you would visualize two halves that are 10' X 10'. Adding the dimensions for each half would be 20, meaning that you would install a 20-inch diameter chandelier on each half of the room.

Some chandeliers have long narrow, or linear, designs which make them attractive options for rectangular rooms as well.

Cleaning and Maintaining a Black Chandelier

Luxury chandeliers are pieces of beauty that deserve not only admiration, but also some care and maintenance to keep them looking their best as the years go by. Black chandeliers may show accumulating dust over time, but these easy steps will keep them looking fresh and clean.

  • Dust During the Day - If your chandelier is in a room with plenty of windows, plan to do your cleaning time during the day so that natural light will reveal the dust and/or cobwebs. As seen in the next step, the chandelier will be off as you clean, so daylight will be a big help.
  • Turn the Chandelier Off - Many light bulbs get hot after they have been on for a while, and they take a while to cool down after they have been turned off. Make sure to have turned your chandelier off about 10 minutes in advance to minimize the risk of burns or discomfort as you dust and clean.
  • Put On Gloves - Clean white cotton gloves are perfect to wear as you dust your chandelier. They prevent fingerprints on the finish, and you can also use them to gently scrub tough spots.
  • Dust with Soft Brush - The majority of your chandelier can be dusted with a non-abrasive soft dusting brush. This is a simple and quick process that, if done regularly, will prevent the buildup of grime and hard-to-clean dirt. 
  • Use Only Warm Water on Tough Spots - Don't use chemicals. Period. Warm water is all you need, and after you've cleaned the spots that the brush couldn't get, gently dry the finish again with a soft cotton cloth. Soaps and chemicals can tarnish your chandelier and damage the finish over time; even the ones that claim to be designed "for chandeliers".

Doing these steps regularly will keep your room bright and beautiful.

The Perfect Touch

Nothing adds that perfect finishing touch to a room like an eye-catching black chandelier, and since proper lighting is a must, why not go with the best? If you have any other questions about our chandeliers, feel free to contact us today! Our friendly team is always ready to chat with you and help you out with any questions you may have. The lighting of your dreams is here at Urban Ambiance.


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