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Wall Lights Create a Fabulous Look in a Hallway

Wall Lights Create a Fabulous Look in a Hallway

Most hallways have a flush or semi-flush mounted ceiling light. However, if you want to create a more stunning look in your home, try wall lights in your hall. Have one or more installed on each side wall to cover the length of your space. Then merely match the style of wall light with your decor style for a fabulous look.

Traditional – An excellent look for a home with decor that reflects a classic style is Mediterranean-designed wall lights with colonial elements. Choose lights with a bronze finish for a sophisticated appearance. Wall lights with a ring design on the bottom and a semi-circular white linen shade, with one candelabra bulb on each side of the ring, will look stunning in a hallway. This white shade will allow the maximum amount of light to shine through but won't stick out too far where it gets in the way.

Transitional – For homes with a more eclectic look, you'll want to choose wall lights that will look beautiful with a variety of decor styles. Try a design with a round bronze base that attaches flush against the wall and includes a retro accent piece that holds a cone-shaped glass casing with one bulb. This sleek look will impress everyone who sees your wall lights and will set your hallway apart from most others. Such a design will work equally well with Old World decor, urban decor, or anything in between.

Modern – In a contemporary home, you want your lighting to look modern and chic. A minimalist design is a perfect choice, and this type of wall light will look great even in narrow hallways. Choose lights with a forged iron finish for a spectacular result. A style of wall light that includes vertical bands in wrought iron and a white onyx vertical shade that holds one bulb will give your hallway an appearance of elegance and distinction. Such a design doesn't go out of style and will look fabulous in your home for years to come.

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