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How to Select the Right Outdoor Lights

How to Select the Right Outdoor Lights

If you've ever stumbled around in the dark trying to find the right key to open the door to your home, or if you've tripped while taking out the garbage in the evening, you know how important it is to have adequate outdoor lighting around your home.  Many outdoor accidents have occurred from a relatively benign task, simply because the homeowner could not see properly.  In this post, we will discuss some of the key points to consider when selecting the perfect outdoor lighting features for your home.

Light All Access Points

Even though you may not use all the access points to your home on a regular basis, it only takes one misstep to learn the hard way that you really need adequate lighting for every outside door to your home, including French doors, any doors leading to the garage, as well as lights for your garage's main door exterior.  If you have a long driveway or spend a lot of time outdoors in your back yard, you'll want to make sure these areas have sufficient lighting as well.  In some areas, you might want to have both overhead lights as well as wall sconces to ensure sufficient illumination.  If you do a lot of entertaining, your guests will certainly appreciate a clearly lit path to their vehicle.

Consider Style

Outdoor lighting fixtures have come a long way in recent years as manufacturers have recognized that homeowners want beautiful features both inside and outside the home.  Whatever the style of your home's exterior, whether it is modern, traditional, colonial, craftsmen or rustic, there are sure to be a variety of options available in exterior lighting choices.  Respecting the style of both the exterior and interior of your home, provides appealing visual continuity.

Consider Accessibility

As with all lighting, eventually the time will arrive when you need to put in new bulbs.  For many, it's not that much of a hardship to use a ladder and switch out all the necessary bulbs.  However, some may prefer to have very easy access to the light fixtures themselves.  In that case, wall sconces and shorter post lighting may be a better choice.

If you would like to know more about our outdoor lighting selection and how to find the perfect lighting fixtures for your home's exterior, please contact us!

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