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Twin City Style

Twin City Style

What comes to mind when you hear the term "Twin Cities?" If you live on one of the coasts, you may have only a vague idea of what life is like in these Midwestern metropolises. If you think mainly of bland casseroles and the Mall of America, you're missing out on a vibrant urban living experience. 

Prime Livability

With no shortage of hip, walkable neighborhoods, dog parks, downtown shopping, and green spaces, it should come as no surprise the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota are reliable entries on any list of the most livable cities in America. Minneapolis-St. Paul has been called the most bikeable city in the US, and topped the list of the healthiest cities in the country in 2017. You'll never be at a loss for something to do on the weekends, either. Quality of life is obviously important to the citizens lucky enough to live there. Perhaps this is one reason Craftsman homes are such a mainstay in this area. For enthusiastic owners, or perhaps aspiring owners of these unique and beautiful homes, the Twin Cities Bungalow Club offers a newsletter, seminars and events to educate people on the style and history of Craftsman homes. 

Art and History

The Twin Cities evoke an exciting time in America, when industry was booming and the culture was rapidly changing. Though they are modern cities, they retain a strong sense of history. The Arts and Crafts movement made its mark on the region, and you can explore it, and its offshoots, at the Minnesota Institute of Art.  For a more immersive experience, enjoy delicious food in a Craftsman setting at The Bungalow Club

Craftsman Comforts

Many of the attributes of Craftsman design, and the Arts and Crafts movement that inspired it, are the same things that draw people to a place like the Twin Cities. Craftsman homes are respectful of nature, blending in with their environment in earthy greens and browns, using materials such as wood and brick. A focus on functionality, quality craftsmanship and warmth are all key components of a Craftsman home. You don't have to own a meticulously restored Craftsman bungalow to bring these elements into your home.

A Craftsman style outdoor post is a wonderful way to signal the promise of homeyness and warmth to your guests. Or illuminate your front door with a pendant light on your front porch. Inside your home, there are countless opportunities to use this calming, classic look. While the style doesn't lend itself to fancy crystal chandeliers, you can still make a statement with a gorgeous yet understated ceiling light in bronze and pearly shell. Even track lighting can contribute to the cozy, natural look of your home. This versatile design works well in almost any modern dwelling. 

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