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How to Emulate Istanbul's Beautiful Designs

How to Emulate Istanbul's Beautiful Designs

A beloved cosmopolitan city once known as Constantinople, Istanbul is the only city to straddle two continents. Its position has made it an important hub of trade for centuries, but its character remains a Janus-faced paradox as it simultaneously looks to Asia and Europe. Two competing strains of selective nostalgia add to the multifaceted layers of Istanbul's style.

Ottoman designs preserve the old-world charm of the city with curved, ornate patterns depicting tulips, pomegranates, and latticework. This style is commonly referred to as "Arabesque" in Turkey. It conjures lavish associations of divan-lined, smoke-filled halls where belly dancers entertain privileged guests to the sound of tambours.

Yet, Ottoman decor contrasts sharply with the taste of modern Turkey and its own wistful embrace of the early decades of the Turkish Republic. Modern Turkish design tends towards minimalism and art deco influences. Meanwhile, subtle details add refinement and sophistication. Whichever approach you prefer, remember that neither style sacrifices Istanbul's signature blend of East and West. 

Ottoman Style Lighting

Hanging mosaic lanterns are the most beloved lighting design of the Ottoman period. Whether they hang as pendant lamps or stand as table lamps, these curved iridescent lights send prismatic displays of light dancing across the walls. Decorated with cut glass in mesmerizing patterns around curved glass, these colorful lamps are usually accented with bronze handcrafted details. Achieve a similar lighting effect with our Crystal LED Pendant Light. Alternately, you'll find curving bronze filigree winding in maze-like patterns around lanterns of another popular Ottoman lighting style. Indulge in antique ornamentation with our Art Nouveau Chandelier in Midnight Bronze Finish.

These lighting styles are perfectly suited to spaces where you'll serve guests. Eat, drink, and socialize around a low circular table filled with appetizers and servings of Turkish tea or coffee. Surround yourself with an abundance of accent pillows with intricate patterns and rich colors. Comfortable cushions will provide added incentive to keep your guests immersed in conversation.

Modern Turkish Lighting

Embracing the ideas of modern Europe, the early Turkish Republic advanced a cultural agenda that had sweeping effects on all aspects of Turkish life including design. Bold art deco shapes and sleek, metallic industrial encasings in brass or copper are characteristic of the vintage lighting designs of this era.

These elements pair well with heavy-set minimal furniture and filament light bulbs that give the space a film noir aesthetic. Simple monochromatic designs and marble surfaces can be offset by shimmering metallic finishes on door handles, sconces, and picture frames. Indirect light helps soften the high drama of this style. Create your own modern space with our Art Deco Pendant Light.   

Do you want to accentuate your space with a fusion of eclectic designs, but don't know where to start? To consult with a design specialist about crafting a particular mood or atmosphere, contact us

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